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Freelance part-time work: what should be considered?

Quite a few people dream of starting their own business with their own business idea. But quit your permanent job and forego a secure income? Such a jump into the deep end is a bit too daring for many. Alternatively, you can try out your own business model as a kind of test run as a freelance part-time job.

Overview of freelance secondary employment

When is a freelance job considered a part-time job?

In this case, the self-employed also have a main job, which often serves primarily to secure their livelihood. With this double burden, however, you must observe the legal requirements on working hours. In addition, the income from the secondary activity must not exceed the income from the main activity.

Do I have to pay taxes for a freelance position in addition to a permanent position?

Yes, if you generate income through the secondary activity, this is generally taxable. You can find more information about the taxes due for freelancers as a part-time job here.

Do I need permission from my employer for a freelance part-time job?

If your employment contract contains a corresponding clause, you must inform your employer according to contract law. Civil servants are generally obliged to obtain a permit.

What are the characteristics of a freelance part-time job?

People who are one freelance sideline activity pursue, practice theirs scientific, artistic, literary, teaching or educational occupation in addition to a Main activity out. The permanent position is usually used for Earning a living, whereas the part-time job often tends to focus on the Self-actualization or one additional source of income aims.

If you want to do a freelance part-time job with an existing permanent position, you have to contact the legal requirements hold. Among other things, there are restrictions on working hours. In Section 3 (1) of the Working Hours Act (ArbZG) it says:

The working day of the employee may not exceed eight hours.

Although the legislature allows in exceptions also a working time of ten hours, however, must be a compensation respectively. In addition, employees have a continuous rest time of at least eleven hours to. Due to these regulations, the working hours for freelance part-time work are quite limited. However, it must be taken into account that according to the law the Saturday also as working day applies. At a 5 day week you can use it completely for the part-time job.

In addition, it must be ensured that the Income from part-time self-employment is not higher than the income of the main occupation. Because for them Social Security Agency as well as the relevant offices, it is important to have a Focus of work to determine. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the Social security contributions goes. Because the income from a freelance part-time job is usually not taken into account.

By the way! At the Main occupation it doesn't have to be a Employment relationship act. So is a freelance job as well Student, civil servant or unemployed possible. However, it is not uncommon in these cases special regulations in terms of the working hours or the revenue

Can the employer prohibit the part-time job?

The Basis of an employment relationship forms the employment contract, because from this result the Framework of the job. The document often contains a Part-time job clause.

This usually says that Workersbefore starting a (freelance) part-time job, your Inform employers and around permission have to ask. A Ban is usually only then permissiblewhen the sideline is up overlaps with the employer's business interests. For example, if you Commissioned work for a competitor do the freelance job yourself negatively impacts your work performance. In addition, you may not do the freelance work during a incapacity for work exercise or your Relaxing vacation spend on it.

Do you have to pay taxes for a part-time freelance job?

If you are starting a freelance job, that is Tax office about it too to inform and the Questionnaire for tax collection to be filled out. Because that's the only way to do it tax registration and the Allocation of a tax number

As a rule, both the Income tax as well as the value added tax be communicated to the tax office. A Business tax however, does not apply to freelancers.

When exactly freelancers have to pay tax on income depends on the company Amount of revenue or des Turnover from. For example, with the Income tax one Allowance use for freelance sideline work. The tax is only due when the Income per year on more than 410 euros amount to. Everyone can use the income Expenses deducted associated with the activity. These include, for example Travel expenses or work materials.

Is supported by the freelance sideline Tax allowance exceeded, you need one Submit tax return and in the wake of this Appendix S. to complete. Also note that you are obliged to do all of the tax-relevant To keep documents for at least ten years.

Do you sell Goods or services, you have to pay tax on this freelance sideline activity. For this there is the so-called value added tax. Amounts yours estimated annual sales however on less than 17,500 euros, can the Small business regulation of the Value Added Tax Act apply. In this case you are from the VAT exempt.

Social insurance for freelance secondary employment

Employees who also have a part-time job can benefit from Social security contributions for their main job carried out full-time benefit. Because as long as you have a couple requirements Note, you need to do freelance work do not take out separate health insurance or pay contributions. From the perspective of the health insurance companies, the following speak criteria for a part-time job:

  • the sideline has one subordinate economic importance and is more of a hobby
  • the working hours the sideline is less than 20 hours per week
  • the Merit of the main activity exceeds that of the part-time job and is therefore used for Cover for the cost of living

In the Pension insurance the legislature writes a for different professional groups Compulsory insurance in front. These include self-employed educators and teachers as well as artists. If you run a freelance part-time job in such a field of work, this requires Pension insurance also for these those Payment of contributions. Among other things, the Artists' social fund.

Through the employment in the employment relationship is the security over the unemployment insurance guaranteed even with a sideline job. Additional deposits are therefore usually unnecessary.

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Freelance part-time work: What do you need to consider?

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