What is Programmatic Direct

Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic Guaranteed is a term from online marketing, more precisely from the field of real time advertising (RTA) and, associated with this, also from programmatic advertising (PA). In addition to the designation of the Programmatic Guaranteed, synonyms such as Automated Guaranteed or Programmatic Direct are often used.

In terms of content, Programmatic Guaranteed describes a kind of deal for the purchase of online advertising space, for example web banners using a programmatic process. Certain parameters are set in advance. This includes, for example, the impressions, the volume, creative formats and the start and end date of the respective campaign. In short, Programmatic Guaranteed means fixing the quantity, price and duration between the buying and selling side.

Pros and Cons of Programmatic Guaranteed

The advantage for the customer with Programmatic Guaranteed is that each order no longer has to be booked individually. A programmatic system with Sell Slide Platform (SSP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP) handles the booking of advertising spaces in the ad server. In addition, all figures and data flow into a single reporting, so that it is quickly apparent which advertising spaces performed and how. The measurement of success becomes much more tangible.

Another Programmatic Guaranteed benefit using DSP and SSP platforms means that the advertiser, i.e. the customer, is saved a lot of time. In addition, the advertiser always has the guarantee that a fixed inventory will be taken for a specified budget in a predefined period of time.

A Downside of Programmatic Guaranteed is, however, that as soon as the previously fixed data has actually been defined and entered into force, it is no longer possible to change the data retrospectively. It should also be noted that there are often costs for exchange platforms. Common models are revenue or spend share models.

It should also be noted that Programmatic Guaranteed is not an auction process like Real Time Bidding (RTB), but really fixed prices. This can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.

How do you set up a Programmatic Guaranteed Deal?

Compared to a Private auction or preferred deals need advertisers when setting up Guaranteed Deals consider a few things. This includes, for example, that publishers should preferably be approached directly. If a publisher has not yet been found, online marketplaces are particularly suitable for finding publishers. Such marketplaces also include Amazon DSP or Google Display & Video 360. Here, with the help of a filter function, the geographical area and the transaction type, in this case Programmatic Guaranteed, can be selected and the publisher can be contacted.

As soon as the contact is established, it is only a matter of agreeing the framework conditions. As already mentioned, this includes the budget, the time frame, the thousand contact price (CPM) or "Cost per Mille" (CPM) and the resulting impression volume and the creative format. As soon as both parties, advertiser and advertiser, have reached an agreement, the deal comes into force and cannot be subsequently changed.

Amazon and the DSP network

In recent years, the entire area of ​​programmatic advertising, including Programmatic Guaranteed, has grown significantly in size and relevance. With the help of programmatic advertising, target groups can now be automatically found and addressed online, depending on the data. So it is no longer a matter of accepting a high range at low prices, but with higher wastage, but rather addressing your own target group in a very targeted manner. With programmatic advertising, campaigns can be optimized continuously and, above all, automatically by collecting data sets.

This is exactly the case on the Amazon marketplace. With its Amazon DSP network, Amazon has created a demand-side platform in which marketers can buy ads programmatically - both from Amazon itself and from third-party publishers. Both display ads and video ads can now be placed automatically. Retargeting of a specific ASIN or product group is also possible using the Amazon DSP. The important insights and reports are also available via the Amazon DSP network.

However, the entire topic of programmatic advertising and the Amazon DSP network is relatively complex, which requires a certain special knowledge. The Amazon agency intomarkets has specialized in the Amazon marketplace and has the necessary know-how in terms of Amazon Advertising, Programmatic Advertising and Programmatic Guaranteed as well as keywords and optimizations.

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