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Device according to claim 9, wherein the physical information include a fingerprint.
I was able physical information to collect precisely, with sharp clarity.
Subnets are designed so that physical information on the network connections can be quickly and easily transferred to the directory.
Subnets are formatted in terms that make it easy to post physical information about network connectivity to the directory.

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Removes all in this document physical informationthat were taken over from the database model project.
Removes all physical information in this document that was migrated from the database model project.
The values ​​are based on the analysis of the frequency, intensity and regularity of your movements in connection with yours physical information.
It's based on the analyzes of the frequency, intensity and regularity of your movements together with yours physical information.
In the 2D process, the physical information recorded that are required to create the component.
A detection system according to any one of claims 1 to 17, wherein the determining means includes means (56, S3) for determining the change characteristic of the first and second signals physical informationpassing through the dispenser (20,180) physical information are received.
A detecting system according to any of claims 1 through 17, wherein said determining means comprises means (56, S3) for determining said characteristic of change of said each of said first and second physical information signals received by said physical-information output device (20,180).
The sensing system of claim 10 further comprising a memory (58) storing the first group of the sensed first and second physical information and the second group of the third and fourth sensed physical information saves separately from each other.
A detecting system according to claim 10, further comprising a memory (58) which stores said first group of said detected first and second physical information, and said second group of said detected third and fourth physical information, separately from each other.
Apparatus as claimed in claim 8, wherein the map is recorded thereon information with regard to the physical information of the authorized user to identify the user.
The device of claim 8 wherein the card has information recorded thereon in respect of physical information of the authorized user for identifying said user.
Measuring device according to claim 10, wherein the piece is at physical informationselected to be changed is one of the weight and height selected by the selection switch (9).
A measuring apparatus according to claim 10 wherein the piece of physical information selected for alteration is one of the weight and height selected by the selector switch (9).
Centera customers can Information physically and protect logically
Centera customers are able to physically and logically protect data
If an area with such Information physically becomes corrupted, you will no longer be able to get some (or all) of the files.
If an area with such information is physically damaged, you won't be able to access some of your files (or even all of them).
Archive structure: folder organization, physical Arrangement as information
The system of claim 1, wherein the user interface device is adapted to provide logical routinginformation and physical Routinginformation in the form of a map.
The control panel "More physical Memory "shows information to the physical System memory (RAM).
With content addressing, there is no need for applications that physical Location of information to know and manage on the storage medium.
Content addressing eliminates the need for applications to understand and manage the physical location of information on storage media.
In the following example, SAN Manager automatically created a SAN topology with special physical and logical information determined, created and displayed for the individual objects.
In the example below, SAN Manager has automatically discovered, mapped, and displayed a SAN topology, including specific physical and logical information about each object.
Build the archive: folder organization, physical Arrangement as information
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