What is a link extractor

Link (URL) Extractor

The Link Extractor tool will help you extract all the URLs contained on the website page (external and internal), show the rel type: Nofollow, UGC or Sponsored, and display them in a convenient list for transferring in Notepad or Excel.

What is the nofollow attribute?

More recently, links with the nofollow attribute have been processed according to the following rules:

  • Links cannot be crawled by a search crawler.
  • The weight of the links is not transferred.

Now nofollow links can transfer weight and thus taken into account when ranking pages. In other words, the question of transferring weight to certain nofollow links depends on the solution to the search algorithm.

For example, as a ranking signal, nofollow can be considered when looking at reputable websites that are moderation. An example of such a page is Wikipedia.

If nofollow is set on websites of little authority, then such links cannot be considered.

So, the main conclusion regarding nofollow is the following - now nofollow links can be used as a reference signal when ranking pages in organic search engine results.

The innovations weren't limited to these. In the future, the crawler of the search engine nofollow links and index pages.

The nofollow attribute example:

  • «A href =" https://www.example.com/ "rel =" nofollow "» Link text «/ a»

What is the Funded Attribute?

The Sponsored attribute is provided for marking links that are related to advertising materials or paid publications.

On the website with the tag "Sponsored" mark the following links:

  • Outgoing links paid. For example, if the page contains the content of the advertisement and the link leads to the sponsor's website.
  • Links are hosted in paid guest posts.
  • Other promotional links.

The Funded Attribute Example:

  • «A href =" https://www.example.com/ "rel =" sponsored "» Link-text «/ a»

What is the UGC attribute?

The UGC attribute is used to mark links that lead to user generated content. This attribute should be used in cases where the author is not an authoritative source of information.

For example, UGC markup should be used for such blocks:

  • Comments under the articles.
  • Posts in the forum.

Still, how markup should be used for guest posts when we talk about such UGC pages at Quora.com.

Thus, the UGC attribute should be used to highlight links that are in the content posted by site users.

The UGC attribute example:

  • «A href =" https://www.example.com/ "rel =" ugc "» Link-text «/ a»

Is it possible to put many values ​​in the rel attribute?

Yes. The values ​​can be combined. For example like this:

  • «A href =" https://www.example.com/ "rel =" nofollow "ugc" »Link-text« / a »

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