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Hello and good afternoon,

I have a question about NAS; SAN and servers

So I read a little bit about NAS, SAN and servers on Wikipedia. Since I would also like to have one of the 3s for my future PC, I would only have to decide which of the 3. But since I don't quite understand (or see / recognize) the difference, I wanted to ask what the difference is.

I'll briefly list the findings for each of the 3. Please correct any incorrect views :)


  • Hangs between router and PC, ie “PC ('s) → Router (LAN) → NAS
  • Can raid (usually), but does not need a raid to be a NAS by definition
  • Less electricity (usually)
  • Do not need a PC, work autonomously
  • Slow traffic due to slow internet connection?
  • Unsure because it is available in the network?
  • Difference to SAN and server?


  • Releases data via the network (if access / permission) and is also not tied to a PC, so it also works autonomously.
  • Raid possible / usual by definition?
  • Difference to NAS and SAN?
  • Fast or slow ?


  • Data is also made accessible over the network.
  • According to Wiki sau fast data transfer due to the use of a certain protocol
  • Is connected to a server (only I don't see the difference between NAS and Serve)
  • Difference to NAS and server?

There are already some questions in the list, now the only question that remains is what the difference is from the 3's (and possibly important additions that belong to the respective 3's)?

I hope the question is not too big.