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6ix9ine: record deal in cell? Rapper apparently made a million dollar deal

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Record deal in cell? 6ix9ine has apparently closed a million dollar deal

From drug dealer to rap star to prisoner. This is the 6ix9ine vita, in a very short run.

Whereby the prisoner and rap star existence can apparently be combined. According to the US celebrity portal "TMZ", the 23-year-old New Yorker with a criminal past closed a label deal for ten million dollars from his cell. "TMZ" found out about this from a source close to the musician. (tmz.com)

Accordingly, 6ix9ine has joined the record label "10k Projects", on which his first tape "Day69" was released. The contract includes an English and a Spanish-language album with which the rapper could conquer the US and Latin American markets.

Allegedly, he already has a producer

Another US portal, "Page Six", also has information from an unspecified "source". This person wants to know that 6ix9ine has already contacted a young producer from New York City and someone else bought two beats for him. (pagesix.com)

The comeback can come - as soon as 6ix9ine is released from prison.


The rapper is currently in prison for shootings, assaults and drug trafficking, among other things. Actually, 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, would have had to go to jail for at least 47 years.

But because he gave extensive testimony against his former gang "Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods" in court, he could be released from prison in return. Hernandez would then have to be accepted into a witness protection program. In the last instance, however, the judge will decide on this. Presumably 6ix9ine will be released in the coming year. A verdict is expected on December 18th.

The trial against Hernandez began on September 17th. Among other things, he revealed the internal details of his criminal gang in court and identified two gang members present in the courtroom using the music video of his track "Gummo".

The rapper also said he joined the Nine Trey gang in 2017 and was involved in violent crimes. In addition, the proceeds from 6ix9ines music are also said to have financed the gang's weapons purchases, for example.


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