Which are the cleanest cities in China

10 most beautiful cities in China - this is the ranking of Chinese tourists

For many, an extensive trip to China is a dream that is even more difficult to realize in times of the corona pandemic. In order to at least get the wanderlust going, we have put together the most beautiful travel destinations in the Middle Kingdom from a Chinese perspective. Which city should you definitely not miss? Ten most beautiful cities in China - that is the ranking of Chinese tourists.

In the past 25 years, the number of German tourists arriving in China has risen sharply. Whereas in 1995 only around 166,500 Germans traveled to China for vacation purposes, in 2018 the figure was around 655,000. Many travelers are guided by the main flight routes to China, and flights to the Chinese capital are particularly frequent and inexpensive. But which cities should tourists not miss out on? When it comes to the true beauty of a country, the people who live there are often most familiar with it. Which cities do Chinese tourists consider particularly worthwhile?

Beijing as a political center with historical charm

Of course, Beijing is also one of the most popular travel destinations in China itself. A real Chinese must climb the Great Wall of China once in a lifetime, is a Chinese proverb, for example. The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the old Beijing district - all this and much more can be discovered in the Chinese capital. In addition, Beijing not only offers the duck specialty of the same name, but also combines delicacies from all over China, a few days in the city are worthwhile just for dining.

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Last but not least, Beijing is also important as a political center for Chinese tourists. Tian’anmen Square has been one of the top photo opportunities for many years. But this isn't meant to be an article about Beijing. Because Beijing fans now have to be really strong when the following is announced here: The capital of China has not even made it into the top 10 of the most beautiful cities in the country!

Ten most beautiful cities in China - ranking of Chinese tourists

The popular Chinese travel portal Mafengwo 马 蜂窝 has published the following ranking of the most beautiful Chinese cities. For this, aspects such as urban planning, infrastructure, architecture and the environment were taken into account. Some readers without any experience of China may not yet know all of the places mentioned - nevertheless, here are the ten most beautiful cities in China from a Chinese point of view.

Where is China most beautiful?

  1. Shenzhen
  2. Hangzhou
  3. Qingdao
  4. Lhasa
  5. Huizhou
  6. Yantai
  7. Zhuhai
  8. Kunming
  9. Harbin
  10. Dalian

Who knows them all (well)? Probably only very experienced travelers to China and foreigners who have settled in the Middle Kingdom can say that. The economic metropolis of Shenzhen should be familiar to many and Qingdao - as a former German colony - some will have heard of or even traveled to. Hangzhou is known to some for its tea and for the UNESCO World Heritage Site West Lake.

Magical place with a fantastic legend - the West Lake in Hangzhou

As the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa has always been a place of longing for globetrotters and travelers with a spiritual and religious interest. In the meantime, the journey is no longer that arduous, but is subject to certain regulations. Harbin in the far north of China may be known to some because of the world-famous ice and snow festivals, about which ICC has reported in detail. But the other top 10 cities are probably still an insider tip outside of China.

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Lesser known names of the ten most beautiful cities in China

Huizhou in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong is coveted for its location and impressive nature - the beautiful bays, the many small islands and the mountain panorama are magical. The popular coastal city of Zhuhai is also located in Guangdong and is considered the city of romance - symbolized by the statue of the fishing girl in the harbor.

Famous statue of the fisher girl in Zhuhai

Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province and is affectionately known in China as the City of Eternal Spring. The region's ethnic minorities are famous across the country for their cultural diversity. In addition, Kunming fascinates with a legendary stone forest and mountains and lakes in the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Very few people have heard of the port city of Yantai in Shandong. Fascinating traces of the early opening to foreign countries can be found in the city's architecture. The mountain that gave Yantai its name also attracts many Chinese tourists, as does the local cuisine. The last city on the list called Dalian is also on the water - but again far to the north. It is known for its clean environment, beautiful gardens and dream beaches.

Ten most beautiful cities in China ... or would you prefer Beijing?

Anyone who knows and likes China's cities for tourism may wonder where the beauties of Xi’an or Nanjing have gone. And where are global players like Shanghai or Hong Kong? It has to be said here that the Chinese top 10 above particularly reflects travel preferences in the Middle Kingdom. For Chinese travelers, for example, local cuisine plays a very central role.

It is also common to want to escape the mega-metropolises on vacation, where many Chinese work (temporarily) anyway. They like to choose rather small destinations for their trips that are historically, climatically and scenic. In addition, it is important for many Chinese tourists to enjoy a clean environment, at least when on vacation. That is probably a major reason why Beijing, which can be seen in the image below, did not make the list.

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For foreign travelers, the world cities of Beijing or Shanghai can still be recommended as a tourist entry point. Well-prepared foreigners can get by here without any knowledge of Chinese, a guide or an interpreter. And on day trips you can visit the surrounding sights and beautiful smaller towns.

In the end, of course, the question arises as to how touristy the trip to China should be. If you want to get to know more of the original China, you might be better off visiting a Chinese friend or colleague who comes from a lesser-known city.

We recommend the following articles about traveling to China on the ICC portal to all those who are now sick of wanderlust. This makes it easier to bridge the time until your next vacation in the Middle Kingdom. And maybe the reports will help determine the future itinerary.

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