How do I create a website offline

How can I take my website offline and display it as "currently unavailable"

If you want to temporarily put the content of your website offline or want to display your website as "Currently not available", follow the instructions below:


1. First select the appropriate package and go to the menu item Troubleshooting. Then you can temporarily separate all domains and associated subdomains in your package offline using the domain (s) tile on the left. All you have to do is enter the customer password.



2. The content of your website is now blocked and the domain is displayed as "currently unavailable".



You now have the opportunity to edit the content of your website in peace before you put it back online (e.g. to add text or images).


3. If you want to remove the lock, proceed as described above: Select the appropriate package and go to the Troubleshooting menu item. Here you select the left tile again: Reconnect domain (s).



4. By entering the customer password again, the web lock for the package can be lifted and the content can be viewed again.