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Moni - No clothes make people

by Heiopei2001©

A few brief words in advance.

Unfortunately I have lost my sequel, my first story. During the search, however, I came across this older story, which I then revised again. That Anne appears here again is pure coincidence.

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- all persons involved are of legal age

- it's pure fiction

- the proportion of explicit sex is low or even non-existent


Moni looked after her parents' car, who had just said goodbye to a short vacation for a long weekend. When the car turned the next bend and was out of sight, she went into the house, which she had to herself for the next 4 days.

Tomorrow Thursday was a public holiday, Friday was off, so Moni was in a good mood. The weather, which was quite appropriate for late May, was the icing on the cake.

But Moni also had something special planned for this weekend. Some time ago she had discovered that she liked to be naked. If she thought about it rationally, sometimes she didn't understand it herself. It wasn't really anything special, was it? Everyone undresses and dresses, what's included. Nevertheless, she liked to stay unclothed after showering to blow-dry her hair first and often she "forgot" to take her clothes into the bathroom and then flit naked through the hallway to her room. Still, she was always careful not to get caught. Her parents didn't want her to be caught in an Eva costume.

But she hadn't dared to do more than that and so she had made the decision to spend this long weekend almost completely without clothes.

She went into her room and began to put her things down and shortly afterwards stood completely bare in the room. She put away her clothes and thought about what she wanted to pass the day with. At first she roamed the whole house and enjoyed the feeling of entering these rooms completely unclothed. Then she sat on the sofa in the living room. The soft leather was initially cool on the skin but then quickly became a pleasant one. Moni felt very good.

Since it was only 5 o'clock in the afternoon, she wanted to do some exercise. Normally, in the weather, she would walk a lap through the forest that bordered the property, but that would mean that she would have to get dressed again. So she decided to use the fitness room in the basement. Especially in winter she enjoyed that her parents had set up this room with an ergometer, a treadmill, a cross trainer and a device for strength training different muscle groups.

She padded on bare feet into the cellar, which was still quite cool. She got goose bumps, but not only because she was cold. The feeling of going into the basement so naked was special. The flair of the cellar was something else. Although these rooms were also expanded, Moni had a somewhat gloomy feeling. She couldn't tell why, but somehow she suddenly associated the basement with dungeon. This realization caused a certain excitement in Moni that she couldn't explain, but it felt good. Briefly, she let her imagination run wild and imagined being driven completely naked through long vaulted passages by gloomy guards and then locked in a dungeon.

"Wow," she exclaimed, something like this had never occurred in her imagination. She gave a quick mental shake and then went to the gym to begin her exercise program. Moni decided to do a unit on the cross trainer, because she feared that her bottom would not thank her if she would train naked on the ergometer and she did not dare to go on the treadmill without a bra. She feared that her breasts, which were not too small, would certainly hurt after a short time from the constant up and down. She also believed that she could do without shoes on the cross trainer.

She put a good CD in the system, took a towel, tied her hair in a pigtail and programmed the cross trainer. 45 minutes with an increase profile that would bring you to your peak performance after 30 minutes and hold it for 10 minutes before moving into a 5-minute run-out phase.

Soon her whole body was covered with a thin layer of sweat and she found the coolness of the cellar, which she could feel all over her body, very pleasant. Her breasts bobbed up and down in time with her movements, but Moni found that exciting and pleasant.

But soon she had forgotten everything around her and was concentrating exclusively on her training and when the beeping of the device announced the end of the exercise unit, she stopped the exercise, breathing heavily. She felt exhausted but very good and a look at the displays on the cross trainer showed that the performance was satisfactory.

She dried the sweat with her towel and started doing some stretching exercises to loosen up the muscles. Still completely sweaty, she left the gym and took another bottle of apple spritzer on the way through the basement. To relax, she first decided to take a little break on the terrace before treating herself to a well-deserved shower.

Through the sliding door in the living room she entered the terrace, which was barely visible from the neighboring properties. Directly behind the property was an old railway line that had not been used for over a decade, and directly behind it was a forest. It was beautiful and calm. You were completely undisturbed. So it was no problem for Moni, as she was, to lie down on one of the loungers and treat herself to a large glass of apple spritzer.

The now low sun shone in her face and so Moni closed her eyes enjoying and dozed a little.

A shadow that fell on her face startled her. She thought that the sun had disappeared behind the trees, but when she opened her eyes she was startled. Her best friend Anne stood in front of her and took the sun away from her.

"Hey," said Moni, somewhat confused, "what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to visit you and ask if we should do something tonight, but since nobody answered my doorbell, I just came around. And what are you doing?"

"I was just on the cross-trainer and wanted to relax a little before taking a shower."

"You were so on the cross trainer!" Anne uttered astonished and only then did Moni become embarrassed aware that she was not wearing a scrap of cloth on her body. The first impulse to cover up was doomed because there was simply nothing suitable for it around her. She didn't want to play the embarrassed, scared chicken either, so she just tried to stay like it was the most natural thing in the world. When Anne asked, she couldn't think of an excuse. Since she shared almost every secret with Anne anyway, she decided to stick with the facts.

"I just wanted to try it out, naked on the cross trainer."

"And was it awesome?" Anne couldn't believe it.

"Well, the wrong expression is cool, but it was exciting."

Anne kept digging. As hard as Moni tried to talk her way out of it, Anne didn't give up. So she had no other choice and Moni confessed to her plan for the long weekend to wear as little clothes as possible.

"Quite brave," was Anne's comment, "I hope you don't mind if I keep you company, but still not join in."

Anne and Moni had been friends for a very long time and were very good friends and had often seen each other naked. When showering after exercising, for example, or when one of them had spent the night with the other, it could hardly be avoided. But this situation was completely different. Before that, both were more or less naked at the same time and the situation demanded that too. It was just natural. But here on the terrace it was only Moni and not only temporarily and not because it was inevitable, no, she had made a conscious decision to do so.

But Moni didn't feel uncomfortable with it, she began to enjoy it, especially because she trusted Anne completely.

"It's up to you," she replied, "I hope you don't mind if I stay like this."

They both had to laugh wildly and the tension between them, due to the unusual situation, spontaneously dissolved.

"Are you still going to eat?" asked Moni, "I wanted to order a pizza."

"This is going to be interesting," thought Anne and happily agreed.

While Anne ordered, Moni took a shower to finally get rid of the sweat.

The order was quickly placed and Anne flipped through a magazine to pass the time until she heard the characteristic sound of bare feet on the floor. She looked up and saw Moni, wrapped in a bathrobe, entering the living room.

"What's that about?"

"What is what?"

"Why are you wearing a bathrobe"

"Well, it all seems a bit strange to me."

"Why? Because I'm here?"

Moni nodded timidly

"If I wasn't here you wouldn't have a bathrobe on?"

"Maybe yes"

"My dear friend, it's good that I'm here. I can't let you destroy your own plans. Take off your bathrobe immediately."

"Do you really mean?"

"Of course, I insist."

Hesitantly, Moni let the bathrobe slip off her shoulders and then stood completely naked again.

"Thank you," she said and smiled.

"That's what best friends are for."

"And you don't mind?"

"What should bother me about it? You are so pretty. I don't think anyone would mind it. At least I like to see you like that."

"If that is the case, then you can undress too."

"No, let me go," laughed Anne, "that's the fetish. I stay dressed. As long as I'm there I'll make sure that you don't cheat yourself."

Moni kissed her friend on the cheek and thanked her.

When the doorbell rang, the two friends looked at each other.

"This is where our food will come." noted Anne.

"Can you open it, please?" asked Moni, "I'm not dressed appropriately for a visit."

"You, I'm totally absorbed in the article right now, please go." replied Anne, who suddenly couldn't take her eyes off the magazine.

"Are you crazy?" shouted Moni with a slight touch of panic, "I can't go to the door like that."

"Then take that one." With these words Anne held up the bathrobe without even looking at her friend. She pretended to read the article with greater concentration.

Moni couldn't believe it, but a protest seemed useless. To all of this it rang again. Moni grabbed the bathrobe, but Anne pulled it back to her.

"I don't think you need that," she said and Moni watched in horror as she pulled the belt out of the loops and tossed her the coat. Anne looked into her face with a diabolical grin on her lips.

"Hurry up now," was her comment, "don't let our pizza get cold."

"You are really a monster." Scolded Moni, put on her bathrobe, held it together at the front and ran to the door. She believed her head had to glow red, she was so embarrassed. She gathered up all her courage and opened the door.

The pizza delivery man stood in front of her, a rather handsome young man about her age. At first nothing seemed to upset him until Moni nervously began to look for the money. She neglected to hold the bathrobe shut. This then went on its own and slipped a little, which allowed a deep insight into her cleavage.

The young man got sticky eyes and stared at the almost completely exposed bosom and could only loosen his gaze when Moni jingled with the money and asked if he had seen enough.

Now it was up to the pizza delivery man to get a red head. He quickly took the money, took the pizzas out of the warming box and handed them to Moni. She hesitated for a moment when she realized that she would need both hands for this and then could no longer hold the bathrobe together. A brief hesitation, then she let go of the hem and stretched out her arms to take the boxes. The front of the bathrobe flipped open a little. It was no longer a secret that this was the only piece of clothing that Moni was wearing.

This was not hidden from the pizza delivery man either. Instead of handing her the boxes, he seemed to pull her back a little, completely distracted by the unexpected sight. He came to his senses again when Moni took the boxes from his hands.

He hastily forced his gaze up, smiled shyly in Moni's face, turned around and almost stumbled over the warming box. Clumsily he gathered his things and quickly left the property without saying another word.

Moni quickly closed the door and noticed how fast her heart was beating. She tried to sort out her feelings and noticed that she wasn't embarrassed or uncomfortable at all. No. She felt pride and excitement. She was also amused that she could upset the pizza delivery man so much. Although she also felt a little sorry for him.

She turned around and then saw Anne standing behind her, grinning broadly.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd dare to." she said. "I just wanted to fool you a little bit. I'm impressed."


Anne had not got up a second after Moni had left the kitchen and followed her. She had to watch that, even if there had been a sleazy guy standing in front of the door who might have become insolent.

She was all the more surprised when she saw that she knew the pizza guy. It was Tom, a buddy of her older brother. He was on his soccer team and that's how Anne met him. She couldn't remember Moni ever meeting him. Since she found Tom likeable and had got to know him as a nice and sociable guy, she calmed down. He would definitely not be bold. But she decided not to tell Moni anything about it for the time being.


Back in the kitchen, Anne immediately asked Moni to take off her bathrobe, which she did immediately. Then they both began to eat.

Anne wanted to know exactly how Moni had felt. She should describe her feelings as precisely as possible. Moni was still very excited anyway and could hardly eat. Again and again she kept talking about how that had felt, especially at the moment when she realized what power she had over the guy. That he himself was no longer master of his senses. She was intoxicated.

Anne, however, ate her pizza with relish and listened devotedly to Moni's words. She looked at her naked body like she had never done before. The slight blush on her cheeks caused by her excitement went wonderfully with Moni's red hair. Her bosom, certainly a cup size larger than she was, had a great shape and was crowned by a nipple standing up in excitement. Her stomach was flat and trained, and a piercing glittered in her navel. She couldn't see more of her friend and yet she knew that she had a great, feminine figure. A well-shaped bottom, with feminine hips and well-toned legs.

She had always envied Moni because of her figure, knowing full well that she had invested a lot of training for it and had to continue to do so.

Anne herself was more of the slim, boyish type, her bosom filled no more than a B-cup and her bottom was nowhere near as feminine as Monis. For that she didn't have to torment herself with sports. She was in the enviable position that she could eat almost anything she wanted and still not gain weight.

Both had eaten long ago, the sun had already set and yet both were still sitting in the kitchen and talking. Moni's nudity and the pizza delivery boy were no longer an issue.

"I'll be on my way home then." said Anne, "It's getting late and I didn't tell my parents where I was."

"Oh, that's a shame. Don't you want to stay here?" asked Moni disappointed.

"Oh dear, gladly, but I don't have any clothes with me."

"Well, I don't have any either." laughed Moni and pointed down at herself.

Anne thought for a moment.

"Can I keep my panties on too?" she asked.

"I would lend you a t-shirt too, if you prefer"

"Maybe I'll come back to it. All right, just let me call my parents quickly."

After that was clarified, the two decided to watch TV a little. They sat down on the sofa and Moni snuggled up against Anne's shoulder while she was zapping through the channels without finding anything really exciting. Without thinking about it, she caressed Moni's soft skin.That went on for a few minutes before Anne noticed what she was doing and Moni had goosebumps.

"Are you cold?" she asked, automatically pulling your hand away.

"A little"

"Do you want a blanket?"

"No, it's okay."

There was a short silence during which Anne zapped another 10 channels without success.

"You are welcome to put your hand on my hip again." Moni said casually, "I thought that was nice."

Anne thought for a moment but was only too happy to put her hand back on the soft skin and involuntarily began to stroke it lightly.

After zapping through unsuccessfully, Anne put the remote control aside.

"Hmm, nothing's coming."

"Seems so."

"Was it the first time today?"

Moni looked confused at Anne.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Was it the first time you walked around the house that naked and were on the cross-trainer today?"

"Um, yes. Well, I've been naked before, but if so, then at most in the bathroom, or in my room, or on the way in between. Why?"

"Oh, I'm just curious. Then you've never been naked outside?"

"So only today on the terrace."

"And did you like it?"

Moni straightened up and looked Anne in the eye.

"How do you come up with such questions now?"

"Oh, I just care. So? Did you like it?"

"Yes it did."

"Do you want more?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Do you want more than just being naked in the house or on the terrace?"

"What's the point of the question?"

"Answer ..." said Anne energetically and attached a breathy, tender "..please" to it.

"Well, yes, I already imagined it, but I don't think I'll ever do that."

"How about you do it now, I'd love to see that."

"I beg your pardon?" uttered Moni in horror.

"I would like to see you walking naked through your garden. Only once to the fence and back again."

"You're crazy."

"No, I want it. It's dark and nobody can see your garden. What is preventing you from doing it? But you don't have the courage to do it!"

"I beg your pardon?" Moni couldn't believe it, "I'm supposed to lack courage? You're wrong and I'll prove that to you too."

She was determined to show her friend that she wasn't a cowardly chicken. What should happen? But when she stepped through the sliding door and stood at the edge of the terrace, she lost her courage a little. But now there was no turning back. She put her foot on the now damp, cool grass. She took the first steps slowly, but she wanted to get it over with quickly and so she began to run about 20-30 meters. She quickly reached the back garden fence and turned around. On the way back she noticed a small light on the terrace and when she had almost reached it again, she also recognized where this light was coming from. Anne held up her cell phone and obviously took photos or video.

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