Cho and Cedric slept together

Cho & Cedric

Cho P.O.V:

"And the way you always look at him," Cedric said angrily. "I'm just looking at Harry. Is that forbidden?" "But not like that. And I thought you like me. I mean, we went to the Christmas ball together too. But even then you only had eyes for him!" "No, that's not true! We were there together. Besides, you looked at Fleur quite often," I fired back. "So, but unlike Harry, I didn't ask Fleur if she would go with me. Because I wanted and want you," he said, grabbing my arm. "No, and that's nice, too. But obviously you don't trust me if you assume something like that," I said, but this time less poisonous. I love Cedric, but sometimes I really don't know what I think about him when I think of something like that. Although, no, that was a lie. I knew exactly what I loved about him: His appearance first of all: the dark hair, the gray, stormy-looking eyes and his well-toned body. And if you're wondering how I know that, because everyone is always wearing these fluttering capes: I admit, I've seen him half-naked before, we've been together for quite a while. But we haven't slept together yet. I'm not that far yet, and he accepts that. Of course, it's not just his looks, but also his character: the fact that he's waiting for me even though he's already 17 is lovely, isn't it? I mean how many guys do this please? He also loves me for who I am and he's brave, smart and ... I don't even know how to describe it. In any case, I love him, which is why I don't understand this argument. I like Harry, no question about it, but my heart belongs to Cedric. Hopefully it won't come across differently with Harry. Cedric must have had to think too, because he was only now continuing to speak. "Yes, of course I trust you. I just don't want to lose you. Not to Harry and not to anyone else. I love you," he says, leaning his forehead against mine. I swallowed. It was the first time he said it out loud and now I would like to cry with happiness. But of course that wasn't possible, otherwise he would still think that I didn't love him. "Me too," I said in a low voice. Suddenly we heard a crackling noise above our heads. Like when something grows. We looked up in amazement. "A mistletoe," I said, louder than I intended. A beautiful mistletoe to be precise. It climbed down to our heads about two inches apart. Consisting of long needles and a few strips (Wow, that sounds aloof) sah it looks beautiful and Christmassy. In the meantime the lesson was probably over, because a couple of first graders ran past us, pointed at us and shouted: "Kiss, kiss!". "Let's do them a favor," said Cedric with a smile. "All in your opinion". He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer so I could put my arms around his neck. And then, to the delight of the first graders, we kissed. Gentle, simply beautiful. And incredibly loving. At some point, however, we had to part because we both had to go into the next hour.

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