Is Blogspot is better for blogging

What is the difference between a blog and an online magazine?

How does a blog differ from an online magazine? First of all, the boundaries are fluid. Often you cannot say exactly where a blog starts to be a magazine and vice versa.

Speaking of which ... do you already know my book?

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The online magazines I was allowed to start (Dr. Web & Smashing Magazine) both ran on Wordpress, just like most blogs do today. Only additional or different plugins are required. At this point one looks for differences in vain. However, it is not unlikely that a larger magazine will run on Typo 3 or a special content management system.

A magazine treats itself to a wider one Range of topics. It wants to be more diverse. It may also publish more often. From Wikipedia I know that the word magazine comes from Arabic and Treasury means. It is also used for warehouse and armory. In a figurative sense, that's pretty good.

The blogger is his blog

A magazine tries to be factual, balanced and correct - but it depends on the topics, the target group and the chosen style. It could also be provocative. While the blogger can be more spontaneous, more direct, more subjective, more personal - should be - must be!

But that doesn't mean that an online magazine can't be all of that. But it will not be in the foreground. An opinion in a magazine would be labeled in the journalistic tradition, in a blog it is a matter of course.

In an online magazine, the reader expects a complete article. In your blog, however, you are free. Formally everything is allowed. So also a mini post, just a teaser, a poem, a bare list, a picture, a quote, whatever you can think of. But in an online magazine? OK, if it were, it would be an exception.

Make another difference the authors out. Usually only one person writes a blog, sometimes two do it. From then on you have to do with a multi-author blog. The authors participate voluntarily or are co-founders.

A magazine employs freelance and - depending on its size - also salaried authors. It pays for the articles that appear in it. It can have investors where bloggers can at best come up with sponsors. Since it is more extensive, it could also have administrative staff. That in turn would require a company structure.

An online magazine proofreads his articles. There is one Editor-in-chiefwho distributes the topics, receives suggestions, edits articles and, if necessary, also criticizes and calls for improvements. A magazine is more rigid, follows fixed rules, risks less, works according to editorial specifications ...

As you can see, it doesn't sound that exciting. There is something entrepreneurial about a magazine. That's why I started Magazines in 1997 and 2006 because I wanted to start a business. As a blogger, you're heading in a different direction. Even if you hope to be able to make a living from it one day.

And the blogazine?

The term Blogazine has not been able to establish itself in the German-speaking area. Some believe it is a blog with the content of an online magazine. But this is wrong. It's a blog that emulates a glossy print magazine in terms of layout and design.

So it is different and, above all, more elaborately designed than a standard blog. It usually uses the entire surface of the monitor with large images and hides the navigation. Important: All postings are individual. The design is based on the content. Each article is designed for itself - like in an art magazine. It is quite an effort. You can't do that in a blog because the theme determines the look.

A blog magazine is not a magazine about blogs because it reports on blogs. Funnily enough, it could be. That would then depend on the design.

So anyone who simply dubs their blog as a blogazin is guilty of fraudulent labeling. I see this as an attempt to present yourself a bit more interesting and valuable. But as long as nobody cares ...

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