What are some good personal finance blogs

8 finance bloggers you should read

Get rich smart

During the financial crisis in 2008, Jan's grandparents lost most of the money they had invested. The simple reason: They trusted their bank advisor blindly - and invested their savings in risky funds with a disproportionately long term.

Today's blogger and investor learned from these mistakes early on - and took his finances into his own hands over the next few years. Jan shares his experiences on his blog “Get rich smart”. The idea behind it: Everyone should ideally take care of building up their assets as a retirement provision.

To the blog: www.smart-reich-haben.de

Petra Wolff - sports betting and real estate under one roof

The blogger Petra pursues her clearly defined goal of financial independence. That means: She wants to earn her living “passively” without having to work week after week.

The blogger aims to achieve this dream by investing in the stocks of solid companies. Petra documents her way to the goal as well as her progress and learning processes on her blog.

The choice of her asset class is particularly interesting: she sees the purchase of shares as a participation and therefore only relies on trustworthy companies. But beyond that, Petra also likes to speculate - and explains in a series of articles, for example, how systematic football betting can be used profitably.

To the blog: www.petrawolff.blog

Freaky Finance - An investor who goes his own way

Working only three days a week and spending the rest of your life on the beautiful coastal region of southern France - does that sound like a dream to you? The blogger and investor Vincent made the summer of his life a reality.

And on his blog, Vincent aka “Freaky Finance” writes how you too can achieve your financial goals. As the name suggests, Vincent relies on his own methods - “being different” is the goal. But in a positive sense: Vincent swears by real estate, passive investments and offers you among other things free financial coaching at.

To the blog: www.freakyfinance.net

MyMoneyMind - From personal bankruptcy to self-employment

Linda's personal story in dealing with dear money initially took the worst possible path. Because in 2009 she got into private bankruptcy due to a personal misfortune and a property that had not yet been paid off.

But Linda didn't let that stop her: she worked her way through dozens of books, developed further and set up as a freelance coach. Today she reports on her own story on her blog. And it shows how others can also find their way into successful self-employment.

To the blog: www.mymoneymind.de

Tim Schäfer - Readers' Stories on the Way to Financial Freedom

With all the amounts of money and investment opportunities, the financial world can quickly become abstract. The down-to-earth reports that journalist and blogger Tim Schäfer regularly publishes on his website can help: Stories of small investors on their way to financial independence.

Most of the stories Tim published are actually real letters to the editor. This is precisely why the constant reference to reality is particularly exciting. No stock market millionaires tell of their success stories here. "Normal small investors" are much more likely to report about their financial freedom, which they have achieved through second jobs and clever savings and investments.

To the blog: www.timschaefermedia.com