GameStop gives you money for games

Gamestop purchase: Sell games at GameStop

Among other things, Gamestop also offers the purchase of used games. This can be very useful for gamers as it allows them to purchase new games for less. We'll show you how to sell games, consoles or accessories at Gamestop.

Buying at Gamestop - this is how it works

You will search in vain for the purchase on the Gamestop website. There is only some information about it and a reference to its 240+ branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because the US chain does not offer a direct online purchase option. At Gamestop, buying means "trade-in".

  • Gamestop buys consoles and console games as well as accessories. On the other hand, new goods welded in plastic and PC games in general are not purchased. A complete list of the games banned from purchase in Germany can be found on the Gamestop website.
  • You can use your used games only sell or trade in at a local branch.
  • It works like this: You give your game to a Gamestop employee and he determines the current purchase price. Then he asks you whether you want to trade in the game or sell it for cash. If you choose cash payment, the purchase price will always be lower than that achieved with the settlement.
  • example: A relatively new console game costs 40 euros. Gamestop offered 16 euros for it in cash. If you had been offset, you would have received 20 euros for it. The loss for cash purchases is always around 20%. When settling, you do not have to decide on a new game immediately, you can also take a voucher card with you first.
  • Broken or badly damaged or soiled goods will not be purchased. Just as little as foreign versions or 18+ titles. If the disc is scratched, this is not an obstacle to purchase. However, a processing fee will be deducted from the purchase price.
  • There is no bonus for special editions such as Collector's Editions. You can only sell the game - even without the original packaging - and keep the collectibles.
  • Important: When purchasing from Gamestop, you always have to show your identity card and sign it for the transaction. Gamestop only buys from people over the age of 18.
  • If you become a member of Gamestop's "Gamestop +" bonus program, you can achieve up to 12% higher prices for purchases.
  • Note: Currently (as of January 2021) all Gamestop stores are closed due to corona. A sale and consequently also a purchase is therefore not possible. You can see from this list whether the store in your area is reopening.

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The Texan company Gamestop has existed since 2000. According to its own information, it is the "world's largest retail chain for computer games and entertainment software" with 6500+ branches worldwide. In another practical tip, you will learn how the online purchase portals Momox and ReBuy compare with each other.

(Original tip written by: Claudia Wiegand)