What is the best diet for vegetarians

Ideal for people who want to stay healthy and slim

Dr. Kahleov√° said:

The vegetarian diet was shown to be the most effective diet to reduce excess weight. Since it was also found to be most effective at reducing muscle fat, it appears to be the most effective in influencing metabolism. These results are therefore of interest to anyone who wants to lose weight, especially those who also suffer from metabolic syndrome and / or type 2 diabetes. But our study is of course important for anyone who takes their weight management seriously and wants to stay slim and healthy. "

Pay attention to the quality of your carbohydrates: Low Glyx

Those who also pay attention to a diet consisting of foods with a low glycemic load (so-called Glyx diet) can possibly improve the result even further - according to a study from June 2012 inJournal of American Medical Association. At that time it became clear that a calorie is not just a calorie after all; instead, what matters is what kind of food the calorie is in, especially when it comes to foods rich in carbohydrates.

Cara Ebbeling and Dr. David Ludwig from Boston Children's Hospital found that diets like the Glyx diet, which keep post-meal blood sugar levels moderate, lower weight better than low-fat diets that pay attention to the amount of fat consumed but not the type of carbohydrates consumed.

Low glyx diet improves metabolism and health

Tables with the glycemic load of the individual foods can be found in many places on the Internet or here: Fruits protect against diabetes. You can see that choosing the right carbohydrates is about choosing whole grain products instead of white flour products and avoiding refined table sugar and products made from it.

If you pay attention to these simple rules, then the diet has similar effects on metabolic health as an extremely low-carb diet, but without the negative side effects such as rising cholesterol levels and inflammation markers.

Low-glyx nutrition prevents the yo-yo effect

Many people also find it particularly difficult to maintain the weight they have achieved during a diet over the long term. Apparently only one in six people manage this.

However, a Glyx diet is much more effective than many other diets, as a Glyx diet does not reduce the metabolism, thus keeping energy consumption high even after the diet and thus preventing the yo-yo effect. You stay slim and healthy in the long term.

The solution: Vegetarian or vegan combined with Low Glyx

What do the studies mentioned ultimately show? A plant-based diet made from wholesome, healthy foods - whether vegan or vegetarian - not only helps you lose weight wonderfully, but also helps you maintain your weight in a healthy way. Cholesterol levels stay the same or go down, and markers of inflammation can be reduced.

The latter in particular is an enormous advantage, especially since almost all chronic diseases are associated with chronic inflammatory processes. An anti-inflammatory diet like the one described can therefore be the ideal diet in the event of illness or, of course, can also be used preventively.

For more information on the benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet, read here: Vegan Diet and Cancer

We have summarized tips for a healthy vegan diet here: Healthy vegan diet

You can find our cooking films on YouTube here.


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