What is a soccer bat

Baseball bat in the car - prohibited or allowed?

The media often makes headlines about attacks with a baseball bat. A baseball bat can be considered a dangerous weapon under German criminal law if it is used as a weapon against another person. This is also the case in the areas of self-defense. The moment you use a baseball bat against a person and this attack is not only expressed as a defensive defense, criminal liability is possible.

The police pay attention to controls

The police will look out for objects that could be used as weapons during police checks. An umbrella that could also be used as a weapon, on the other hand, would not attract much attention. The misappropriation of a baseball bat is more obvious from sad experience.

This negative criminal smack results in many baseball players fear of being prosecuted if such an item is carried. Ignorance of the legal regulations about it encourages this uncertainty, especially when it comes to transporting a baseball bat in the car. In the event of a police check, carrying this sporting item with you could be unpleasant and develop potential for conflict.

But is carrying a baseball bat in the car really that problematic?

Items that can be used in Sports serve, are not forbidden. And not even taking these items with you. However, there are people who buy a baseball bat as a self-defense tool, which can cause significant physical damage if used. In this case, the baseball bat would be misused and misused for a possible use of force in the form of active resistance.

Carrying it with you is not a problem

The same applies to transporting a baseball bat in the car. It is primarily a piece of sports equipment. There are special legal restrictions on carrying, transporting or permanent storage Not.

Anyone who indicates at a police check that a baseball bat has been misused for violence can be punishable by law. The normal athlete does not have to worry about a police check. To prevent misunderstandings, it would be useful to make the sporting use clear to the police. The right sports glove or other sports equipment could be added.

At the sight of a baseball bat, the police will likely ask questions anyway. Usually it stays with the questions. The person who is carrying such a bat need not fear punishment, as long as it has not become clear that it is to be misused for violence.