How was your first blind date experience

Blind date

Nowadays, the dating season is booming every time of the year. After all, you long for a strong shoulder to lean on in both summer and winter. But how do you go about escaping being single? Is the blind date an option here? Or do you only meet crazy people on a blind date?

Many people know this feeling: You sit at home all winter long and long for someone to cuddle and cuddle with. But when summer is just around the corner, you are still alone. The “normal” route - through friends, at work or during leisure activities - unfortunately often does not succeed in finding the right person. In this case, a blind date can be a worthwhile alternative because it is relatively easy to organize and offers a concrete chance to find a partner for life. With our tips, your next blind date will be a complete success!

How does a blind date come about?

In most cases, the prerequisite for a blind date is to get to know each other on the Internet and to contact us by phone beforehand. A coupling attempt by a third party can also lead to an encounter of a special kind. Normally you are already a little informed about the other person and know, so to speak, their key data such as name, age, origin, school education or occupation and hobbies. But beyond that, there is still plenty of room for surprises on a blind date.

Blind date - not for the superficial?

The blind date can fail simply because you find the other unsightly or unattractive at first glance and this cannot be compensated by a possibly sympathetic nature. Because in addition to the same interests, humor and education, sexual attraction in a partnership is also very important to most people. But even if the look is right along with all the other requirements, that doesn't mean that the spark will always jump on a blind date. The longing to fall in love in particular can often hinder rather than help. For example, many permanent singles say to each other: While I've been waiting for a partner for so long, I'm not going to take the first person straight away!

A blind date should be well prepared

In order not to let the long-awaited blind date turn into a disaster, there are a few basic rules that should be observed. This ensures that the blind date will be a wonderful experience that you will gladly remember in retrospect and that may be the first step into a permanent partnership.

Prepare yourself! Of course, the unknown is what is really appealing about a blind date. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial for both parties if you google your partner in advance or check their Facebook profile. On the one hand, you might get a picture of your counterpart in this way and, on the other hand, you will discover some points of contact for a conversation through interests that can break the ice on a blind date.

Pick a lively meeting place! Unfortunately, there are also black sheep among the fans of the blind date. Therefore, you should choose a busy place for the first meeting where you can ask other people for help in the - fortunately very rare - emergency. Visiting an apartment should therefore be taboo. Also choose a place where you don't spend too often yourself and where the risk of meeting friends or acquaintances is as low as possible. After all, you don't want to be disturbed on a blind date. A museum, a nice café or the city's shopping mile are perfect meeting places.

Save on your blind date with private details! Due to the unfortunately existing black sheep, you should give as few private details as possible about yourself on a blind date. You should keep your last name, phone number or address to yourself, if possible. This will save you unpleasant stalkers. There is still time for this information when you get to know your counterpart a little better after the blind date.

Do not be nervous!
Nervousness is part of the blind date, but it shouldn't get out of hand. After all, you don't want to scare off your counterpart with sweaty hands, stuttering or trembling. Instead, make yourself aware that the blind date is an exceptional situation for the person you are talking to and that he is certainly just as excited as you are. With an open smile, the ice is sure to break in no time at all.

Lower your expectations! Of course, one hopes for love at first sight through a blind date. Unfortunately, this is very rare. Therefore, reduce your expectations a little and let yourself be fully involved with the person who will meet you on your blind date. Even behind initially shy wallflowers, a dream prince can hide.

Avoid taboo topics on your blind date!
Many topics of conversation can cause bad blood among friends. These should therefore also be avoided on a blind date: Conversations about money, politics or religion are out of place. You shouldn't talk about your sexual preferences on a blind date either. In addition, no potential dream prince is interested in your ex. Instead, a conversation should arouse positive emotions and uncover similarities. Movies, music, vacation trips or hobbies are good topics to talk about.

Be polite but honest! If the person you are talking to is not a potential life partner on your blind date, you should let them know. In most cases, the other person will not have a good feeling either. In the event that he did not notice you were feeling uncomfortable, however, you should be careful not to hurt the feelings of your blind date partner.

Develop an emergency plan! The first blind date should be one thing above all: short! In this way, if the partner is absolutely out of the question, you can quickly and elegantly free yourself from an unpleasant situation. Therefore, for example, the lunch break is the perfect time for a blind date. However, if the blind date is planned for a longer period of time, you should have a good friend make a check-up call. With an inconspicuous code word, the friend can find out how the meeting is going and, in an emergency, come to the meeting point to resolve the situation. Therefore, the girlfriend should definitely know where the blind date is taking place.

A blind date is definitely an experience that everyone should have once - if only to be able to laugh about it with friends afterwards. So don't be afraid to go on a blind date and get involved in this unfamiliar situation. Maybe you will meet your partner for life. But first and foremost, a blind date should be fun. Even if the great love doesn't come out of it, a good friendship can perhaps develop, because the same interests may still exist.

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