Which NYC hotel has the best concierge

Five-star concierge service: Living completely carefree in GLINT

A GLINT apartment with concierge service in Berlin offers numerous advantages. There is hardly a task that your concierge cannot do for you. Below you will find a few selected advantages.

Save your time

Often it is the many little things that rob you of time and that make you want support. This is exactly where your concierge comes in:

  • You simply pass on annoying tasks such as textile cleaning, apartment cleaning or car washing. Do you urgently need fresh flowers? Your discreet contact person will take care of that too.
  • Your concierge arranges all kinds of housekeeping services for you, regardless of whether it is a basic cleaning of the apartment or repairs. Window cleaning and regular checking of technical installations are also part of the services.
  • Thanks to your concierge, waiting lists are a thing of the past. You won't miss a popular concert, queuing in the restaurant is a thing of the past and your hotel reservation is already ready for you. If at all possible, your concierge will even get you a ticket for the international match that is actually sold out.

Feel safe

The subject of security is a sensitive one, especially when it comes to your loved ones. Your concierge in GLINT takes this need seriously:

  • Building surveillance: The concierge keeps a watchful eye on the GLINT Ensemble and the associated underground car park. He will also help you optimize your smart home system in GLINT, which will also protect you from break-ins, fire and water damage.
  • Key management: Gone are the days when the key was placed under the doormat. Your keys are reliably stored for you.
  • Babysitting: The certified babysitting service ensures the safety of your children. So you can go out spontaneously - with a clear conscience that your little ones will be well looked after.

Enjoy your holiday

Berlin is a dream city, but sometimes you are drawn into the distance. That's why the concierge helps you explore the world. He will make hotel bookings for you in advance, organize the pick-up at the airport or rent the equipment for your photo safari. While you are out and about, the concierge service in GLINT will check the condition of your apartment at regular intervals if you wish. So you can be sure that everything is in perfect order at home. He will also accept your parcels and water the flowers on your roof terrace. And when you return home, you can look forward to a freshly cleaned apartment.

Your move into GLINT - completely stress-free

Moving is typically a lot of work: re-registering electricity and internet, packing and carrying boxes, assembling furniture, cleaning the apartment. That costs time and energy that you can use more profitably elsewhere. Simply transfer the annoying move to your concierge in GLINT. He takes care of registrations and de-registrations, organizes relocation helpers and craftsmen, receives furniture and hires cleaning staff for you.