What is the WAEC EXPO for 2020

Expo 2020 in Dubai: will the world exhibition be the first "post-covid event"?

In the heat of the desert, the signs look like yesterday's snow. “Expo 2020” is written everywhere, as if Dubai were waiting for a future that is already in the past. But the view is directed ahead. The name for the world exhibition, which has been postponed by a year due to Corona, has remained the same. It is now on from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, under the motto “Connect thoughts, create the future”. The location is in the southwest part of the metropolis on the Persian Gulf, far away from the skyline. The three key themes are sustainability, mobility and opportunities, drawn up on three large pavilions.

Construction site for the world exhibition in Dubai

At the moment, Dubai's largest construction site is being plowed as if there was no tomorrow - and no today. Completely detached from the global corona crisis, you feel like you're in a bubble. The country pavilions are taking shape. Cranes claw their way into the blue sky. But is the mass event even realistic given the circumstances? After all, the organizers are sticking to their forecast of 25 million visitors, over 60 live acts per day, festive processions and a large number of gastronomic get-togethers.

Camille Renaudin from the PR team confirms that none of the 190 participating countries has withdrawn so far. She points out that the world exhibition might even turn out to be the "first major post-Covid event". What is certain is that the remaining months will play into the hands of the makers.

Tourism in October despite Corona

In times like these, it feels like an eternity until October. In addition, tourism, which has long since picked up again in Dubai, can be interpreted as a continuous field test in dealing with the pandemic. Imagine it's Expo and nobody goes: That shouldn't happen, even though the United Arab Emirates are still classified as a high incidence area.

Even so, there are currently many flight arrivals and travelers who dare. Museums and shopping malls are open, hotels and restaurants are surprisingly busy. Hygiene concepts seem to be largely effective. Masks are required everywhere. Dubai is known for precision, efficiency - and armies of foreign painter who do the backbreaking work in the emirate. It is no different in the German Pavilion at the world exhibition.

Hygiene measures at the 2021 World Exhibition

Nothing seems to be able to slow down the first world exhibition in the Arab world. For future visitors, markings on floors and benches are already warning of a minimum distance of two meters. Disinfectant dispensers are available under solar modules. Flowers are sprouting in many places. Trees and floating elements provide shade.

Eye-catchers are the gigantic dome of the central Al Wasl Dome and the pavilion of the host country. The pavilion on the topic of sustainability is almost finished, and can be seen as a contradiction in terms in the terrain that has been artificially stamped out of the desert. A cloak of silence is being spread discreetly about the additional costs caused by the postponement of the original date of Expo 2020. The main thing is that the whole show finally starts in October. tmn

Interesting facts about Dubai

  • getting there: There are direct flights with Emirates to Dubai from several German airports. The flight time is around six and a half hours.
  • Entry and corona situation: According to the Federal Foreign Office, the risk of corona infection in the Emirates is particularly high, the country is a high incidence area. There is a travel warning. A negative PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours, is required for entry.
  • Expo: Information on ticket sales is to be published on the World Exhibition's online portal in June. Half the world exhibition year from October to March coincides with the climatically more pleasant main travel season.