How interesting is social media marketing

As a profit-oriented company, you naturally want to get the most out of every area. So also from our own social media marketing activities. Despite this positive attitude, companies still find (the same) reasons again and again to negatively influence social media marketing in the company. As a result, this sub-discipline is often "pulped" again, despite the enthusiastic start. This step backwards small "tricks" could be avoided.

First and foremost, it should be mentioned in this regard that social media marketing will only be successful if the topic is instructed from the highest level and lived throughout the company. If the build-up is initiated by the intern who leaves the company in a few months, the social media presence is usually about to end.

Likewise, the lack of an editorial plan and content means that motivation in the “social media team” is quickly lost. Thinking from post to post can still go well in the initial phase. But at the latest when the first ideas run out, the initial enthusiasm also evaporates. Anyone who thinks ahead, prepares and carefully plans their content here sets the course for successful social media marketing at an early stage.

Last but not least, your own company has to be ready to invest in social media marketing. This applies not only to the content to be published, but also to the important sub-area "Social Ads". Without advertising, there is little reach on most platforms these days. So here it is “pay to play”. If this is ignored, it always hinders the growth - and the success - of one's own company. Companies that want to achieve success with their social media marketing go the right way from the start - or leave it completely!