What marketing strategies have helped your company

Marketing strategy for companies

A targeted marketing strategy for companies generates sales, new customers and saves resources. In over 80% of the marketing strategies used by our customers, a considerable growth in sales could be measured, although we did not have to invest in advertising.

With a systematic approach and the appropriate structure, we will work with you to find the marketing concept that also suits you. In doing so, we explicitly take human and financial resources into account. With long-term and powerful measures, we sharpen your positioning, offer the right customer group the right offer (marketing mix).

We develop the marketing strategy together with you in four steps and avoid a paper tiger. You can expect concrete and practical measures.

Marketing is usually as individual as the company, which is why we recommend an initial strategy meeting free of charge (you can apply using the contact form below).

You can get a first impression on the netzpuls YouTube channel.

Approach to the marketing strategy

In an initial meeting, we record the status and requirements. As a result, you will receive an offer at a flat rate with a cooperation proposal. When the order is placed, we jointly define four dates for the corresponding workshops. The workshops for the marketing strategy are each prepared, moderated and continuously recorded in a working document by netzpuls. As an end result, you will receive prioritized work packages that are aligned with your resources.

Christine Aeschlimann

«Markus Binggeli has the gift of clearly summarizing and visualizing this. This helped me a lot. "

Christine Aeschlimann, managing director of the Bernese Cancer League

Erhard Kissling

«Markus Binggeli's methodological competence helped us to find the decisive path in the strategy process. I'm very satisfied."

Erhard Kissling, Managing Director Emmi Fondue AG

Markus Beck

«Markus Binggeli helped us a lot to think outside the box. He showed where we still have more potential and how we can generate more sales with small changes. The collaboration with Markus opens up the perspective and leads to new opportunities to advance the company. "

Markus Beck, Managing Director BeckKleendung GmbH

Michael Ruppli

«Anyone who hires Mr. Markus Binggeli, CEO of netzpuls AG, as a consultant, can look forward to quick, competent and valuable support in the field of marketing. The high expectations were exceeded and I can only warmly recommend netzpuls AG. "

Michael Ruppli
Owner of RKT AG Ruppli KMU Treuhand

Marketing strategy and concept for existing customers

Often you invest time and money in acquiring new customers. In our experience, a lot can be achieved with the right customer structure and portfolio. It is precisely at this point that our customers are very often amazed that simple and strong measures in this area offer a lot of potential.

Marketing for new customer acquisition

Of course, it is important to have a strategy for acquiring new customers. However, this marketing concept has to fit the company. If cold calling is not your thing, we will simply develop a different strategy for attracting new customers. In this area, too, we will work with you to develop simple and effective measures.

Next step: Free strategy talk

We would be happy to record your situation in a free and non-binding initial consultation.

We would be happy to conduct the initial meeting in your company. We are convinced that it is essential to capture the “groove” and the mood in your company. Only then can we develop a marketing strategy that meets your passion and motivation. In this way we ensure that this is implemented and that it has the corresponding effect on the market.

Apply for the free strategy interview today.

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