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The UAE is an attractive place for European workers due to its enormous economic growth and the pleasant living conditions - due to the good infrastructural development, the favorable tax environment (no direct income tax), the low crime rate and an overall favorable climate.

To take up a job in the UAE, fluent knowledge of English, which is the predominant working language here, or of Arabic (the official language) are essential. As a rule, Europeans do not require any knowledge of Arabic in addition to English. However, they increase the applicant's chances, make work easier - especially when dealing with business contacts with emiratis and authorities - and the daily dealings with only limited English-speaking workers in the low-wage sector (taxi drivers, salespeople, etc.).

The United Arab Emirates issue EU citizens with a free entry visa (stamp) at passport control at the airport, which entitles them to stay for up to 60 days. For a longer stay and to take up employment, however, a residence permit and a work permit are required.
Please contact: Embassy of the UAE in Berlin (Hiroschima Str. 18-20, 10785 Berlin, Tel .: 0049 - 30 - 516 516,

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The easiest way to search for jobs in Dubai is on one of the mostly English-language job exchanges or through headhunters on the Internet.

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