How do Singaporean students deal with the university?

Tuition and Scholarships in Singapore

Tuition fees for international students in Singapore

Often times, tuition fees depend on the university and program you want to study, as well as your nationality. Tuition fees for Singaporean universities could be higher than for universities from neighboring countries. However, the public universities in Singapore are much cheaper than many private and public universities overseas. The main factor influencing the price of tuition fees is nationality. In Singapore there are four different prices depending on your status:

  • Annual Subsidized Fees payable by Singapore citizens
  • Annual subsidized fees payable by permanent residents
  • Annual subsidized fees payable by international students
  • Annual unsubsidized fees

In general, studying at a public university costs around SGD 8,000 to 9,000 per year. However, this is the subsidized price. It costs at least SGD 10,000 for unsubsidized and non-Singaporean students. Some programs at universities are also subsidized by the government.

The substantial grant for tuition fees from the Singapore government takes the form of a MOE grant administered by the Department of Education (MOE) and offered to all eligible students. Students do not need to apply for the MOE grant if they are eligible. International students reading a government-subsidized program can apply for the Service Obligation Scheme to pay reduced tuition fees. The Service Obligation Scheme enables international students to work in Singapore after graduation to help pay back their tuition fees.

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