Is sex more important than anything else

7 things that are more important than sex in a relationship

Sex is a part of a relationship. And if nothing works in bed, it can have a negative impact on the partnership. But there are some things that are even more important in a relationship.

Let's be honest: sex is an absolute MUST in a relationship. But making love is not everything in a partnership. Because there are some other things that are much more important than having fun in bed. British sex researchers Dr. Meg John Barker and Dr. Jacqui Gabb have found out what really matters in a relationship and published the results in the book "The Secrets of Enduring Love: How to make relationships last".

These things are more important than sex

Have security

It is not about financial security, but about personal reliability. That's why you should always stick to agreements in a relationship.


Is your partner like a BFF to you? That's great! Because that is the basis for a long and happy partnership. There is the saying “For a happy marriage you should marry your best friend” - there actually seems to be something to it.

Be in love

It's not unusual for the butterflies in your stomach to disappear again at some point. After all, after a while, everyday life returns to the relationship. But you can let the “in love” flare up again - for example, if you surprise your partner with a great present or book a vacation.


Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Because silence can only cause misunderstandings! Do you have a problem Or is something bothering you about your partner? Then you should address the topic openly.


Trust is just as important! Because if trust has already been abused, it is difficult to restore it. Because mistrust can question the behavior of the partner again and again - only if you trust the partner, the relationship lasts for a long time.


Do you pull a face all day or are you constantly annoyed? Then the relationship may not last long. Because humor is one of the most important components of a partnership. Then what could be nicer than laughing together with your partner.

Common interests

If you do your own thing in a relationship because you have different interests, it will be difficult in the long run. Compromise together. You should support your loved one in their interests - but you can expect that from them too. So you broaden your horizons and everyone can do it at their own expense. Already read? The 5 worst mistakes to start out in a relationship