What is it about pulsars that fascinates you?

Today in Hamburg

Jazzhouse Open Air: Pulsar Trio

07/28/20 | Admission 16:00 | Start 18:00 | Slatted place

The Pulsar Trio creates an overwhelming, unique sound: joyful and energetic, with original and electronic instruments, profound moments and euphoric heights. No other band brings together a hypnotic Indian sitar, lively piano and keyboard motifs and infectious drum grooves in such a stirring way. The globally thinking trio combines radiant melodies and sensitive-emotional passages, atmospheric sounds and emotional depth, echoes of film music and memories of stimulating break and house beats.
Founded 13 years ago, the Pulsar Trio recently celebrated its 500th concert with the original line-up. This impressive anniversary is the occasion for an album (to be released at the end of 2021) and another international tour that leads from Potsdam via El-Kef to Katmandu. The band has already been touring the world successfully in recent years. She triumphed on the stage of the famous British Glastonbury Festival, put the iconic Fusion Festival in a trance and inspire the psychedelic Burg Herzberg Festival.
The sometimes light-footed, sometimes intense music intoxicates the audience and the media. The Badische Zeitung described a performance by the trio as a "unique and first-class concert experience", the Potsdamer Neue Nachrichten stated: "... after just a few moments a fascination arises that is difficult to escape." Performances by the trio for “a breathtaking concert” speak of magic, passion and a “different universe”. With an unmistakable feeling for catchy melodies and grandiose tension arcs, the Pulsar Trio develops an unmistakable, dynamic global-pop-groove fusion that puts a smile on everyone's face.

The concert is presented by Ratsherrn, ByteFM, Jazz Moves Hamburg + Groove City Recordstore

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