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Most Popular Travel Blogs: Travel Blogger Choice

A few weeks ago we sat together at breakfast and talked about which travel blogs we actually prefer to read. And so one thing led to another and the idea of ​​choosing a travel blogger was born.

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We are the founders of 22places - your contact point for helpful travel tips and easy-to-understand photo tips - independent, authentic and above all: always honest. Just learn to take pictures in our online photography course and browse our cameral love online shop.

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Said and done. We wrote to around 200 German-speaking travel bloggers and asked about their favorite blogs.

A total of around 100 bloggers took part in our survey and here are the results.

A total of 238 different travel blogs were named. Madness!

We hadn't expected such a broad result and were honestly surprised at the multitude of great blogs out there, some of which we didn't even know.

Travel Blogger Choice: The Rules

Enough of the preface. The first thing we want to do now is to present you the results. At the end of the page we write a few more lines about the why, why and above all why of this survey.

These were the rules:

  • Each blogger was allowed to choose 7 other German-language travel blogs: an absolute favorite blog and six other blogs. For every mention as a favorite blog, there is 2 points and for any other mention 1 point.
  • The own travel blog and our blog You couldn't vote.

That's it already!

Why is 22places not included?

We have made a conscious decision to leave our own travel blog 22places out of the voting and have communicated this in the voting rules. As the organizer of the survey, we think it's fairest if we're not there ourselves.

We were of course very happy that some of them wrote to us about how much they would have liked to have named us and of course we would have been very interested in what space our blog would have occupied. We will never know.

If you want to learn more about us, have a look at the following pages:

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Most Popular Travel Blogs: The Results

Tataaa, and here it is: The list of all selected travel blogs, sorted by number of points. In the first column you can see the total number of points and in the last two columns the distribution of the points (number of votes as favorite blog (2 points) and number of further votes (1 point)).

Unfortunately, we had to sort out a few votes because the blogs were either in English, had been inactive for several years or had no relation to travel. But these were always only individual mentions.

Some bloggers didn't want to commit themselves to one absolute favorite blog, others named fewer than 7 blogs.

Sense and nonsense of a travel blogger ranking

After the idea for the survey was born, we thought back and forth for a long time whether we should really do it. Is such a travel blog ranking a good idea or not?

In principle, rankings are always subjective and the criteria can never be 100% fair. The results clearly show that travel blogs that cover a wide range of topics are particularly popular. Travel blogs that only deal with a certain region or have a thematic focus (e.g. family or outdoors) tended to get fewer votes.

At the beginning we were worried that only the same, well-known travel blogs would be mentioned. Fortunately, that has not come true at all. We got to know a lot of new travel blogs through the vote that we probably would never have come across. It was worth it for that alone.

Last but not least: the position of the blogs in this ranking does not say anything about how often a blog is read. Ultimately, it is a subjective opinion of many bloggers about other bloggers.

Other travel blog rankings

In fact, there are hardly any really good and extensive lists of German travel blogs online.

Flo has the most detailed ranking: Travel Blog Top 50 Reader Charts. It lists more than 1200 travel blogs in 17 categories. The ranking is based on the number of feed subscribers.

In addition, individual bloggers regularly publish lists of their favorite blogs, such as B. A few days ago Katrin on her blog Traveling a lot. Of course, these are always individual lists of a person and not a larger opinion.

No ranking, but a super interesting overview on the subject of travel bloggers for Germany Janett has on her blog Teilzeitreisender. She introduces travel bloggers who report about their homeland and has sorted them by federal state.

Follow travel blogs

With this unbelievable mass of travel blogs, the question naturally arises of how to keep track of things. We subscribe to other blogs via RSS feed and so we always know when a new article appears somewhere.

We use the Feedly service for this, which is easy to use and clear and also has a well-functioning app. Others prefer bloglovin, which is too confusing for us.

If you want to follow our blog, you can do that here. Most of the other blogs on our list can of course also be found there:

Follow 22places on Feedly
Follow 22places on Bloglovin

A badge for your blog

If your blog has landed among the top travel blogs, we have created a small badge for you that you can use on your website or in your media kit.

Simply download the graphic and integrate it with you. We have created three different badges for the top 10, top 20, top 50 and top 100 travel blogs. In the table you can see at the subheadings where your blog is placed.






Feedback and outlook on the travel blog ranking

We are now looking forward to your feedback. Which travel blog is your personal favorite? Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the survey next time? We're open for everything!

Since the blog landscape changes quickly and new travel blogs keep popping up and old blogs disappearing, such lists can quickly become out of date. That is why we plan to renew the survey once a year.

If you haven't received an email from us this time and would like to take part next time, please contact us. Just leave us a comment or write us a message and we'll add you to our list.

Well, that's really it. All that remains for us is to wish you a lot of fun reading and browsing through all the travel blogs!

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