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CAMPZ Top Outdoorblog 2019 - Hiking in the home

The election for the "Top Outdoor Blog 2019" is over! We love that there are so many bloggers who share their experiences, adventures and stories with us. The hiking at home category is mainly about bloggers who are mainly in Germany and the Alps. The most beautiful tours at home and real adventures in the mountains are described and of course you will also get a lot of tips about hiking. Over 700 users have chosen their favorites, here you can find the winners!

These are the "Top Outdoor Blogs 2019" in the category - Hiking at home:

4th place - berghasen.com

5th place - gelatierte-schuhe.de

6th place - indigo-blau.de

7th place - jaeger-der-berge.de

8th place - Reiseziege.de

9th place - jungwandern.de

10th place - d-wanderer.de

11th place --simplybewusst.de

12th place - wanderwuetig.de

13th place - anders-wandern.de

14th place - outdoor-glueck.de

15th place - wander-reporterin.de

16th place - ab Abenteuerzeilen.de

17th place - wanderblog.me

18th place - pm-wandern.de

19th place - gipfel-glueck.de

20th place - awesomatik.de

21st place - couchflucht.de

22nd place - bergtouren-im-allgaeu.de

23rd place - aktiv-durch-das-leben.de

24th place - travel-dog.eu

25th place - berghelden.de

26th place - diestreunerin.at

27th place - icheinfachunterwegs.de

28th place - outdoorsuechtig.de

29th place - gipfelfieber.com

30th place - outzeit-blog.de

31st place - thebackpacker.de

32nd place - outdoor-spirit.de

33rd place - gipfelgeschichten.de

34th place - traumsteige.com

35th place - travellerblog.eu

36th place - wanderwegewelt.de

37th place - derenthaben.de

38th place - frei-weg.com

39th place - hiking-blog.de

40th place - kulturnatur.de

41st place - manhart.or.at

42nd place - seppamberg.de

43rd place - outdoormaedchen.de

44th place - bergreif.de

45th place - draussenlust.de

46th place - hurra-draussen.de

47th place - auf-den-berg.de

48th place - powerwalkers.de

49th place - schlenderer.de

Here you can find the results of the other categories of blog voting:

Overview of all nominated blogs in the hiking home category in alphabetical order:


On her blog, Silvia shows some suggestions on how you can make your everyday life more adventurous. She writes about outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, mostly near Munich, and also takes you on her travels.
Blog: ab Abenteuerzeilen.de


On their blog, Anita and Claudia write about their great passion for hiking. Mostly on the move in and around Germany, they take you outside with their tour descriptions and lots of photos. Extreme hikes are also on their schedule.
Blog: aktiv-durch-das-leben.de


When Joachim is out and about in nature, he can let go of everything that concerns him in everyday life. And that's exactly where you can follow him on his blog. The author of several hiking guides inspires with his tours to set out on your own.
Blog: anders-wandern.de


Ulrich and Claudia are mainly on foot in Bavaria and Tyrol and report on their blog about their experiences in the mountains. In addition to a lot of tour reports, the two of them also give exciting book and film tips on everything to do with the outdoors.
Blog: auf-den-berg.de

gelatin- shoes.de

The hiking blogger Bina has always enjoyed walking and shares information about hiking, various hiking trails and hiking regions with you. She also reports on her blog about her tours, experiences, trips and outdoor activities.
Blog: ausatscht-schuhe.de


Exciting stories about outdoor, travel, nature and sustainability await you on this blogazine. Of course, hiking is not neglected by the author Fabian. He reports on his adventures and gives you an interesting insight into the outdoor world with his articles.
Blog: awesomatik.de


The two sports scientists Vroni and Susi bundle their great passions on their blog: hiking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing and MTB. Coupled with a great passion for writing, the result is great stories about the outdoor world.
Blog: berghasen.com


Robert and his team from Berghelden have one thing in common - they spend as much of their free time as possible in the mountains and the Alps. Experience reports and impressions of their mountain tours await you, which they would like to pass on to you.
Blog: berghelden.de


Alex shares his unbroken enthusiasm for the world of mountains with you on his blog. He mostly lives out his wanderlust with ultralight trekking and pays special attention to minimalistic hiking, such as when crossing the Alps.
Blog: bergreif.de


On Björn's blog you will find tips and descriptions on mountain tours, trail running, ski tours or travel reports on the most beautiful places for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to mountain tours in the Allgäu, you will also find reports on other mountain paradises in the Alps.
Blog: bergtouren-im-allgaeu.de


Sabrina describes herself as an adventurous fearful rabbit from the Ruhr area. On her blog she shows that this is not a contradiction in terms and takes you on her favorite hikes and mountain bike tours far away from mass tourism.
Blog: couchflucht.de


Here you will find reports on hiking tours, hiking equipment, jogging, but also excursions. Important for blogger Frank - relax with hiking, enjoyment and culture. He writes about experiences, thoughts and experiences and his passion Hawaii.
Blog: derenthaben.de


You can find a lot of inspiration on Conny's blog, who reports on her tour experiences there. In addition to tour descriptions with lots of photos, information and accommodation tips, she also writes about her impressions, experiences and encounters on the way.
Blog: diestreunerin.at


The enthusiastic hiker and cyclist Alex presents his most beautiful tours on his blog. Here you can browse through more than 80 tour reports, outdoor tips & maps for hiking and cycling - because Alex regularly escapes from hectic Hamburg, out into nature.
Blog: draussenlust.de


The Germany hiker Günter wants to introduce 10,000 kilometers of Germany's most beautiful long-distance hiking trails with text and photos with his project D-Wanderer. Here you get an insight into how beautiful hiking is in all four seasons in Germany.
Blog: d-wanderer.de


Simply and consciously roam through nature - Christof reports on this on his blog. The creator of the Salzburg - Trieste crossing of the Alps not only writes about hiking but also about a more minimalist and sustainable life and vegan diet.
Blog: Einfachbewusst.de


Oliver is at home in the Nürnberger Land and takes you on great tours in the German low mountain ranges, such as the Franconian Alb. He also gives tips for suitable hikes with children and describes excursion destinations and insider tips in the area.
Blog: frankenlandler.com


Free and out - that is the motto of Jochen, who wants to inspire, motivate and advise you on his blog. He takes you on his hiking tours and writes testimonials with background information, photos and his own personal experiences.
Blog: frei-weg.com


In summer as in winter, the two bloggers Andi and Simon are out and about in the mountains. You write about hiking, mountaineering and everything that revolves around the mountains. It goes from the perfect equipment to culinary hut classics.
Blog: gipfelfieber.com


This blog is about small and large summit stories in the form of a diary with texts and pictures. The current project "K1" - a crossing of the Alps on a self-planned route - is the hiker's largest project to date.
Blog: gipfelgeschichten.de


True to the motto "Hiking makes you happy", this blog from Chiemgau revolves around the topics of hiking, mountaineering and mountaineering. In addition to tour descriptions, Stefanie blogs about tips for stopping off and staying overnight, as well as equipment and mountain books.
Blog: gipfel-glueck.de


This is where the outdoor enthusiast Jens writes about his hikes and treks. You can also find articles about equipment, nutrition, practical tests and tips on this blog. He wants to appeal to all people who like to be outside in nature as much as he does.
Blog: hiking-blog.de


Gitta and Helmut are always looking for exciting places and relaxing tours - the main thing is outside! In the Munich area in particular, you will find many tour reports on hikes, but also tips on outdoor cooking in the Dutch Oven or around an open fire.
Blog: hurra-draussen.de


As the name of this blog suggests, this is about being on the move - whether on foot, bike or sometimes by car. Jutta talks about her hikes, always with a track to download. She reports on her great experiences in nature and gives numerous tips.
Blog: icheinfachunterwegs.de


This blog should not only tell stories about places and people, it should also show that you don't have to travel far for adventure. Andrea prefers to be outdoors, whether on hikes, canoeing or cycling, and reports mainly on trips in Germany.
Blog: indigo-blau.de


Gregor's blog is all about being active outside, preferably in the mountains. There are a lot of tour reports from hikes and mountain tours waiting for you, but also test reports and book tips. He is also committed to trail running.
Blog: jaeger-der-berge.de


Are you between 25 and 45 years old and like to go hiking? Then you have come to the right place at Andreas Blog. In addition to hiking reports and great suggestions for tours, you will also find new hiking partners and hiking groups for younger, young and young-at-heart hikers here.
Blog: jungwandern.de


Nadine's blog is about exercise for body, mind and soul. It tells episodes from the Alps and the Munich area or from outdoor experiences in other regions of Germany. You can accompany them into nature on their blog.
Blog: kulturnatur.de


Whether with mountain boots, mountain bikes, touring skis or via ferrata sets - Elke and Sebastian prefer to be out and about in the mountains. In the meantime they have been making the Alps unsafe together for over 10 years and share tour descriptions and routes of their adventures with you.
Blog: manhart.or.at


The face behind this blog is the outdoor and nature enthusiast Jenny from Cologne. She talks about her hikes, travels and mountain bike tours and gives valuable tips about her equipment and photography.
Blog: outdoor-glueck.de


The outdoor girl Corinna writes on her blog about outdoors and adventure, but also girl stuff and DIY. On the go, she prefers to be on hiking trails or via ferratas, always armed with her camera and a portion of curiosity.
Blog: outdoormaedchen.de


René writes on his blog about having fun outside - whether it's hiking or climbing tours, running marathons or cooking over an open fire. Exciting stories await you on his varied blog and all of this with podcasts.
Blog: outdoor-spirit.de


With this blog Jörg would like to take you into nature. He reports on interesting hikes and regions as well as tips and tricks. He gives suggestions for your next outdoor destination and loves extensive geocaching and hiking tours himself.
Blog: outdoorsuechtig.de


Simone has been writing about forests, mountains and lakes on her blog for 6 years. It wants to inspire you to experience being outside and takes you on small adventures in nature, big hikes and real water experiences.
Blog: outzeit-blog.de


Pawel reports on his blog about his hiking tours mainly in Germany and the Alps. For him, hiking is one of the most beautiful hobbies there is and equates with freedom and relaxation - all hiking tours are described in detail, including pictures.
Blog: pm-wandern.de


Martin's blog for ambitious (long-distance) hikers who are interested in nature and culture. On his blog, he presents selected and particularly recommended events and vividly reports on his most recent hikes.
Blog: powerwalkers.de

puls-der- Freiheit.de

On her blog, Myriam writes about her experiences in nature, regardless of whether it is strenuous alpine tours, enjoyable hut tours, adventurous trekking trips or the beauty of the local forests. Tour tips with great photos await you.
Blog: puls-der- Freiheit.de


Steffi was born in the Chinese zodiac sign "goat" and loves to travel and to hike. What could be more natural than to call your blog "Reiseziege"? Here she shares personal experience reports from her tours in the Alps and beyond and gives valuable tips.
Blog: Reiseziege.de


Accompanies blogger Karl-Georg, alias the stroller, on his hikes around the Rhine Valley and beyond. On his blog you will find more than 350 posts with a lot of tour descriptions, but also equipment tests and book tips.
Blog: schlenderer.de


It all started with short hikes in the beautiful Palatinate - meanwhile Sebastian, Björn and Judith have already crossed one or the other glacier and worked their way into areas over 4,000m. You can follow them on their hikes and mountain tours on their blog.
Blog: seppamberg.de


Hiking, Travel, Wanderlust - blogger Sven takes you on his adventures. With or without a backpack, he writes about hikes and shares impressive photos with you. In addition to reading and book tips, there are also product tests here - because being well equipped is half the hike.
Blog: thebackpacker.de


You can find out more about hiking on fabulous trails in Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg on Dieter Pierre's blog. With numerous reports and pictures, it shows you the most beautiful hiking trails in the region to hike, experience and enjoy.
Blog: traumsteige.com


Svenja discovered wanderlust for herself together with her dog Akila. On her blog she writes about trekking tours with dogs and gives valuable tips for trekking with four-legged friends. Here she shares her adventures and experiences as a wandering dog owner with you.
Blog: travel-dog.eu


Hubert's blog was originally a travel blog for pleasure travel - and hiking is just as much a part of his enjoyment as taking short vacations. His reports on weekend hikes will surely inspire you on your next short trip.
Blog: travellerblog.eu


As the name suggests, bloggers Nick and Jan often explore cities, art and culture on foot. But every now and then she also ends up in nature, the forest and the mountains. They report on hiking tours, city trips and their encounters and impressions.
Blog: urbanhiker.de


Thomas has been keeping a hiking diary on his blog about his experiences in hiking boots since 2005. His reports are intended to encourage you to pursue the hikes yourself, and almost all of them are taken from hiking books or hiking guides.
Blog: wanderblog.me


As a hiking reporter, Daniela is on tours all over Germany. On her blog she takes you with her and writes a lot of photos about her experiences. With her reports she would like to encourage you to go on a journey of discovery yourself.
Blog: wander-reporterin.de


He has walked all of the hiking trails on Jürgen's blog himself and shares his tours with you here in text and images. He mainly deals with circular hiking trails and has already portrayed over 1,000 tours on his blog.
Blog: wanderwegewelt.de


As a passionate hiker, trekking fan and trained hiking guide at DAV, David is infected by the mountain virus. He reports on his hikes on his blog, gives tips and shares his many years of experience in product tests for outdoor equipment that is exclusively produced sustainably and fairly.
Blog: wanderwuetig.de

This is how the election for CAMPZ "Top Outdoorblog 2019" worked

The choice took place between January 21. and 21.02.2020 and one vote could be cast per blog category. If you want to vote, you also had to name your favorite blog article. With this we can see that you really know the blog for which you voted. Among all the participants who voted were two € 200 vouchers* raffled for a purchase at the online outdoor shop CAMPZ.de. As in the previous year, the blogs were divided into categories this time in order to make the choice as clear as possible. Here you will find an overview of all blogs that were nominated as "Top Outdoor Blog 2019": CAMPZ Top Outdoor Blogs 2019

Prices at the CAMPZ blog election 2019

This year there were again prizes to be won for both the nominated bloggers and the many users who cast their votes. Because among all users were 2x € 200 vouchers * for campz.de raffled.

Awards for the nominated bloggers

Prices from campz.de

The first-placed bloggers in each category were given a voucher worth € 200 for a purchase at campz.de. In addition to the right equipment for your next hike, you will also find climbing equipment or everything you need for your next camping trip.

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Every blogger placed first in a category has 2 premium annual subscriptions from komoot receive. The all-round carefree package for everyone who wants to discover new paths in nature, whether by bike or on foot. Discover the advantages of komoot Premium now: sport-specific maps, multi-day tour planner, tour weather, your collections, discounts and premium protection! You can find more information about komoot and the premium subscription here: komoot PREMIUM

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Would you like to make your readers, friends and colleagues aware of the blog vote? Then use the hashtag # TOPoutdoorblog2019 and point out the choice on your blog! We have also created a banner for you that you are welcome to use. Simply download here: Banner CAMPZ Top Outdoorblog 2019

You are not part of our selection? Due to the large number of outdoor blogs on offer, it can of course happen that we have overlooked a blog. Please write us an e-mail and after a short check we will add the blog to the list if necessary.

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