How much does Hawaii cost

How much does 3 weeks ... Hawaii vacation cost?

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Have you not already dreamed of a Hawaiian vacation?

Hawaii is often equated with the word paradise. You think of meter-high waves, white sandy beaches, beautiful volcanic landscapes, hula, nice suntanned surfer boys and wonderful hiking trails to explore the island.

Are you one of those people who stop dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation when you think of the luxury hotels and the really high cost of living?

In this article I would like to show you that a trip to Hawaii is worthwhile and that it will not strain your wallet as much as you might think.


Crisp costs for a Hawaii vacation: the flight

Back then I made it easy for myself and had a local travel agency book the flight for me. It cost me a proud 1,400 euros, and if I hadn't been so lazy, I could have saved around 600 euros here.

You can get flights (round-trip) from Germany to Hawaii for around 800 euros. There is no direct flight, so don't be afraid to look for 2 flights, namely from Germany to L.A. and from L.A. to Honolulu. That could save you a lot of money. Search engines like Momondo, Skyscanner and many others will be able to give you a good overview.

If you don't want to stay on O’ahu, you can check the Hawaiian Airlines website for flights to any other Hawaiian island. Because you can only get to the other islands by plane.

  • cheapest flight: 630 euros (searched and split)
  • most expensive flight: 1,400 euros (via a travel agency, and of course the top is open)
  • average flight costs: 800 euros


The next cost point on a Hawaii vacation: the overnight stay

Now we come to another expensive point. You can of course stay overnight in Hawaii in many ways. Hotels, vacation rentals, AirBnB and so on.

I've read of many who simply bought a tent on site and stayed on the beach. I would like to advise against this, because it is not legal. It is only tolerated, but who knows whether that won't change at some point. So if you don't want to take any chances, you should look for a different type of accommodation.

The cheapest way to stay in Hawaii would be to know someone locally and stay overnight, or try to house-sit. The houses are in great demand and are therefore quickly gone. If house sitting is still an option for you, you should remember that you often have to be responsible for (domestic) animals on site.

The cheapest alternative: I saw opportunities to stay overnight on O’ahu from € 42 per night via AirBnB and I know about surfer stalls. These surfer accommodations are mostly on the North Shore, here often several surfers stay in houses, which can be really fun. For the surfer domiciles, the prices are depending on the season (for surfers more likely on the height of the waves) at 50–70 € per night.

On the other hand, I saw a holiday home for € 1,000 a week, which is very expensive, but still cheaper than most hotels. I got an offer myself for a house for € 1,300 a month because I want to stay longer and know the landlord privately.

  • cheapest overnight stay: from 42 € per night via AirBnB
  • Most expensive overnight stay: from 150 € per night in a holiday home or hotel
  • Average overnight costs: € 50–70 per night


Unpredictable costs on a Hawaiian vacation: the food

Since everything has to be shipped in Hawaii, except the food that is grown locally, all food is slightly more expensive than, for example, on the American mainland. If you enjoy feasting and going out to eat, you should set aside around US $ 16 per meal.

I would rather recommend self-sufficiency because it is the cheapest.

And what I find most valuable: You come into more contact with the people and the local cuisine. The Hawaiians are also happy to help you if you don't know what to cook.

Once when I was out in a market, I had absolutely no idea what to eat, buy or cook. Apparently I was already seen from 10 meters away, because a local came to me, spoke to me and suggested a typical local meal to me. And not only that: he even put it together for me. Really nice, right?

I recommend you go shopping in one of the markets, because they take place almost every day across the island, and you can get high quality food there at a fair price. If you can't find a market near you, there are also very good supermarkets.

I really love Foodland on the North Shore. He not only offers you a good selection of food and a wonderful view of the sea, but also lots of nice people.

In summary, you can get there with around € 100–150 per week. If you like to eat a lot, expect more.

Better to take your unused money back home with you than to stand in Hawaii and run out of it, right? So we calculate generously here and assume € 200 per week.


Adventurous costs on a Hawaii vacation: Your activities and absolute highlights

I really saw a lot of the island of O’ahu and still missed so much. In 3 weeks you can experience and visit a lot, but take days in between to switch off and relax. For example, with a day of relaxing in the Kualoa Regional Park with a barbecue and a great view of the Kualoa Mountains. You may know them from the movie Jurassic Park. From there you can also make a detour to a lonely island, to Mokoli’i.

The absolute highlights on O’ahu are ...

  • Diamond Head: An easy hiking trail leads to the top of the crater. From here you can see Koko Head and Waikiki Beach. Entry is US $ 1 per person or US $ 5 per car.
  • Hiking: "Hiking is the miller's delight …" * sing * Joking aside, I wasn't the one who liked hiking in Germany, but the hiking trails on O’ahu are simply a dream. You shouldn't miss the Pupukea Hike, the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, to name just two.
  • water falls: You should have seen a waterfall. If you don't want to search in the wilderness or if you can't do it due to the damp soil, I recommend the Waimea Valley. Day admission for the entire valley is US $ 16.
  • Pearl Harbor: Everyone knows this historical story. Before you go there, you can watch the film again to refresh your memory. But you don't have to, because in Pearl Harbor you will be told everything exactly. Admission is free, you also get to the USS Arizona Memorial for free and you can watch a short film and pay your respects to the fallen.
  • North Shore: Anyone who has been to O’ahu and has not seen the North Shore has missed something. Maybe you are lucky and there will be surf competitions while you are there.
  • Honolulu and Waikiki: The city of Honolulu undoubtedly has its advantages and is absolutely worth seeing. There you will also find the most famous of all beaches, Waikiki Beach.

If you include shopping trips in your leisure activities, for example in the Ala Moana shopping center or Honolulu, in which you then stock up on clothes and souvenirs for home, and you also want to take the nightlife on the island with you, then you should with 150 € in get there well during the week.


Tricky Hawaiian Vacation Costs: Transportation from A to B

The transport costs vary a lot. You can get a rental car (or scooter). If you choose to do this, then you have to factor in parking fees, etc. A rental car is especially useful if you want to drive back and forth a lot and want to be free.

You can get a rental car from around € 30 per day.

You can of course also take the bus. There are buses all over the island and they cost you US $ 2.50 per person. Very important: Always have the money with you, because there is no change. And ask the bus driver for the transfer ticket, then you don't have to pay again in the next bus when you change trains.

Another possibility would be a bicycle: a blogger colleague always takes her own (folding) bicycle with her and travels the Hawaiian islands with it. From US $ 15 a day you can also rent a bike on site.

  • cheapest means of transport: US $ 2.50 by bus
  • Most expensive means of transport: € 30 per day for a rental car
  • Average transport costs: € 10 per day


The costs of a Hawaii vacation at a glance

A trip to Hawaii is definitely affordable and you should definitely not miss this paradise.

Costs for a 3 week Hawaii vacation:

Flight: 800 €

Overnight stay: € 1,050

Food: 600 €

Activities: 450 €

Transport: 210 €

Total: approx. € 3,000

You can still save a little here and there or spend more. But with around 3,000 € you should be able to vacation in Hawaii for 3 weeks.


Very important:

Do not forget to have your entry to America approved via the ESTA program before you start your journey. ESTA is your travel authorization for the USA. You should book it at least 72 hours before departure. It is also valid for up to 2 years and costs $ 14 (payable by credit card). (Beware of "wrong" websites that sell you this travel permit at a higher price.)


What is stopping you now?
When do you start your Hawaii vacation?



I'm Ela, an absolute Hawaii junkie, sun and sea lover and the good soul behind TraumHawaii. When I got off the plane in Honolulu in 2014, I was immediately fascinated by this beautiful chain of islands. Since then my heart has been beating Aloha. If you want to find out more about me or about traveling in and around Hawaii, then come and see me!