Is an employment contract legal

Drafting employment contracts for companies

Employment contract between employer and employee

Contracts are not made for good times, but for bad times. This simple principle should apply to the Drafting of employment contracts be valid. A well-drafted employment contract leaves the employer sufficient with directional agreements Scope for entrepreneurial decisions and gives the employee a feeling of security. This can help prevent many protracted legal disputes.

Stay away from model contracts?

It is not uncommon for HR managers to take action in companies Template for employment contracts back. Such ready-made templates, in which supposedly only the personal details, salary and vacation days have to be entered, can be found en masse on the Internet. But caution is advised when using such patterns, because they often contain at best what is already evident from the law anyway. If you want to deviate from these standards or agree individual parts of the contract, it is usually not expedient to use sample contracts. Forms of remuneration, Outside employment and competition agreements, Company car, Dress code, Employee inventions, Exploitation rights, contractual penalties or Competition clauses therefore regulate general standard works only inadequately or simply not at all. A model contract also harbors risks with regard to its topicality if it does not comply with the constantly changing case law. Therefore, a model contract should ideally be the basis for an employment contract tailored to individual needs.

Lawyer for drafting an employment contract

A lawyer who constantly deals with labor law issues, fights judgments and settlements in labor law in court and deals with the problems and wishes of employers and employees in a wide variety of industries on a daily basis has a keen eye for what a good employment contract should regulate and contain. KBM Legal's lawyers, with offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf & Wiehl, work for you tailor-made employment contracts out. We make sure that the contracts take into account the working reality of your industry, your company and your individual wishes. Through clear and transparent regulations, tension during the employment relationship can be avoided and precautions can be taken even for the period of departure.