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Kevin Kwan Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Kevin Kwan Quick Info
height5 feet 9 inches
Weight90 kg
Date of birthNovember 8, 1973
star signScorpio

Kevin Kwan is a Singapore-born American author who made his fame with his bestselling novel Crazy rich Asians (2013). He is also known for writing 2 other popular novels entitled China rich friend (2015) and Problems with rich people (2017). He is also a well-known creative consultant who has worked for many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor and Oprah Winfrey. The film Crazy rich Asians (2018) was an adaptation of his self-titled novel, Kevin was born into a wealthy family, from which he derived his first three novels. He is also known for his photo blogging on Instagram and has a huge following of over 100,000 followers.

Born name

Kevin Kwan



Sun sign


place of birth




Kevin attended the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. He then moved to Clear Lake, Texas, USA and began studying there Clear Lake High School. He completed his studies there at the age of 16.

Kevin later graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in media studies University of Houston-Clear Lake. He then moved to Manhattan to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography Parsons School of Design.




  • Father - Samuel Kwan (engineer)
  • Mother - Elizabeth Kwan (pianist)
  • Siblings - Kendall Kwan (older brother), Kerry Kwan (older brother)
  • Other - Oh Sian Guan (Great Grandfather) (Founding The Director of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Dr. Arthur Kwan Pah Chien (Paternal Grandfather) (Ophthalmologist), Rev. Paul Hang Sing Hon (Founder of the Hinghwa Methodist Church), Nancy Kwan (Relatives) ( Actress), Egan Oh (paternal father) grandma)


Kevin is represented by -

  • Alexandra Machinist from ICM Partners
  • Curtis Brown (United Kingdom)
  • Peter Nichols of Lichter Grossman Nichols Adler & Feldman (legal representative)

To build



5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm


90 kg or 198.5 lbs

Girlfriend / spouse

Kevin prefers to keep his dating life out of the spotlight.

Race / ethnicity


He is of Chinese descent.

Hair color

Black (natural)

Eye color

Dark brown

Sexual orientation


Distinguishing features

He has a goatee.

Brand advertising

Kevin hasn't done any support work for any brand.

Known for

  • Write New York Times bestseller Books Problems with rich people (2017), Crazy rich Asians (2013)
  • Winner of a "National Best Seller" for his novel China rich friend (2015)
  • As a creative consultant to various celebrities such as Gore Vidal, Larry McMurtry, Elizabeth Taylor and Oprah Winfrey

First film

Kevin made his film debut in a cameo as a text writer in Crazy rich Asians in 2018.

First television broadcast

Kevin made his television debut in Made in Hollywood in August 2018.

Kevin Kwan's favorite things

  • Authors - Edna St. Vincent Millay, Langston Hughes, Herman Melville, and Enid Blyton
  • Book to read growing up - tin tin, Asterix
  • eat - pasta
  • Place for local food - Newton Hawker Center, Singapore
  • Character to write - Eddie Cheng
  • Social satires - Julian Fellowes Snobs (2004), Edith Whartons The custom of the land (1913), Evelyn Waughs Disgusting bodies (1930) Dominick Dunnes People like us (1988), Anthony Trollope Doctor Thorne (1858), Diksha Basus The windfall (2017)

source - LIT HUB, FashionMagazine.com, The Week


On August 22, 2018, the Singaporean Ministry of Defense declared him a wanted man because he failed to register for the "National Service" in 1990 and left the country without an exit permit to stay abroad. He was also held responsible for failing to read the notices sent to his overseas address. He faces a hefty fine of up to $ 10,000 and / or is jailed for three years under the Enlistment Act if convicted.

Kevin Kwan facts

  1. He was born into a very wealthy family and was raised by his grandparents in Bukit Timah, Singapore. At the age of 11, his mother and father moved the family to Texas. It is said that the reason they did this was to avoid questioning the people of Singapore.
  2. His father, Samuel, worked as an engineer, while his mother, Elizabeth, was a well-known pianist. Samuel is also a distant cousin of Hong Kong-based American actress Nancy Kwan.
  3. He was in either 10th or 11th grade when he realized he was really good at writing.
  4. Kevin's great-grandfather Oh Sian Guan was one of the founding directors of the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporationwhich today stands as one of the oldest banks in Singapore. His paternal grandfather, Arthur Kwan Pah Chien, was a doctor and certified ophthalmologist. Arthur was Singapore's first overseas doctor and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for helping the poor.
  5. Growing up he enjoyed reading the series of Tin Tin Adventures and Asterix. He also enjoyed cycling with his friends in Texas.
  6. In high school, he wasn't very focused on his studies and wanted to party all the time.
  7. Before founding his own creative studio in 2000, he worked for the American artist and director Andy Warhol M & Co.
  8. Kwan's debut novel Crazy rich Asians (2013) was later based on his childhood memories of the time he spent with his grandparents.
  9. In addition to being a noted author, he has produced well-known visual books for stars such as Gore Vidal, Larry McMurtry, Elizabeth Taylor, and Oprah Winfrey. His creative studio also has a long list of well-known clients like Ted.com and The New York Times.
  10. In 2010, Kwan lost his father after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Shortly before his father's death, Kwan took an 18-month hiatus to take care of his father. After that, Kevin started writing because he saw it as more therapeutic and so did his debut book Crazy rich Asians originated.
  11. In 2014 he was placed on The Hollywood ReporterList of "Hollywood's Most Powerful Writers: 5 Writers To See".
  12. One of Kwan's family friends had a pool full of baby sharks in the middle of his living room.
  13. Over two decades ago he wrote a poem called Singapore Bible Study. Chapter two of Crazy rich Asians was based on it.
  14. He enjoys snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking whenever he can.
  15. Kevin has a huge selection of colored short sleeve V-neck t-shirts by James Perse.
  16. His shower gel is that Charterhouse over Camerelle Shower gel.
  17. He has a keen passion for reading and has had every issue published by Vanity Fair since 1985.
  18. In 2018, Kwan wrote a story for a television show to be shot in Hong Kong.
  19. His meal consists of pasta and can often be read in his novels.
  20. Kwan's choice of cars is Toyota's Land Cruisers from the 1970s.
  21. The American journalist and novelist Joan Didion influenced his poetry writing.
  22. His novel Crazy rich Asians inspired the release of the multi-million dollar film that was released in 2018.
  23. Visit his official website @ kevinkwanbooks.com.
  24. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Featured image by Kevin Kwan / Instagram