Why don't private jets have parachutes?

Why are there actually no parachutes on the plane?

That's why you don't have a parachute on the plane

During the demonstration of the safety precautions on board, the flight crew explains that every passenger will find a life jacket under their seat and how to use it. But is there a life jacket and no parachute on the plane? After all, you are not on a ship, but on an airplane.

Pressure difference - opening the cabin doors is almost impossible

The reasons why passengers do not have parachutes under their seats are easy to explain. Unlike in the films, the cabin doors are almost impossible to open in the air. The pressure difference is so great that it takes enormous force to open the doors. On the other hand, it is different with small aircraft, in which the pressure difference is only very small. On fighter aircraft, an ejector seat is often the only way for the pilot to get out of the aircraft. A parachute is therefore essential here.

Low temperatures and low oxygen levels

Another reason why jumping out of a passenger plane is pointless is the temperature outside. At a cruising altitude of ten to twelve kilometers, the temperatures are so low, the oxygen content so low and the pressure conditions so extreme that a person could not survive the jump without a special suit.
Therefore, the only good tip for passengers is to stay buckled and trust the pilot and flight crew. After all, he was trained for such extreme situations.

Time is of the essence

Time is also an important reason why life jackets are preferred over parachutes. For this we present a small invoice. There are up to 360 passengers in a normal passenger aircraft. On average, each passenger would need around 10 seconds to take the brave jump. With 360 people, that would be 3,600 seconds, so it would take an hour for the plane to be fully evacuated. During this time, the aircraft should not drop below an altitude of 700 meters, should be in a calm descent and all passengers would have to jump off calmly and orderly at a maximum of 10 seconds. However, there would not be enough space to put on the vests.


The life jackets say that the probability of hitting water in an emergency landing is almost twice as high as hitting land. In addition, the pilot can more or less influence the landing.

So everything clearly stands for equipping airplanes with life jackets rather than equipping them with parachutes.

Don't worry, flying is definitely safer than driving a car. In this blog post we discussed the following topic: how safe is flying actually

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