Which industries create millionaires

Become a millionaire: Most likely in these 16 economic sectors

In the course of the annual World Wealth Report, Capgemini asked experts from which economic sectors "high-net-worth individuals" are most likely to outgrow in the coming decade. “High-net-worth individuals” are people with assets of more than 1 million US dollars, excluding the property in their place of residence. Almost every industrial sector is featured in the report - but some are clearly more lucrative than others.

16. Food delivery and accommodation

Only 4 percent of experts believe that the food delivery and accommodation sector has great millionaire potential for years to come. McDonalds won't worry though. Over the past six years, the fast food joint's share price has doubled.


15. Electronic equipment

6.6 percent of the experts believe that the production of electronic equipment has a profitable future. However, alternative energies are on the rise. This sector could also benefit from this.



14. Natural resources

The oil and gas industry posted heavy losses this year. Only 13.5 percent the experts expect to see many millionaires coming from this branch. Oil still costs less than $ 50 a barrel and there is no rapid price recovery in sight.

13. Transport

The transportation of goods. Life without companies like UPS is hard to imagine. 13.9 percent see great growth in the transport sector. The sector is currently benefiting from low oil prices. However, it is difficult to say how long these will stay that way.


12. Retail and wholesale

Retail and wholesale are very dependent on the purchasing power of consumers. And trust in the respective business. 14 percent of specialists promise many future millinaries in this sector. But what is also clear is that not every trading company can be Amazon.


11. Entertainment

The gaming, film and music sectors are constantly faced with the problem of piracy. That's probably why we just saw 15.2 percent a lot of potential in this market segment. But then came Pokémon Go. Nintendo's share price has skyrocketed because of this game. The entertainment sector definitely has the potential to turn people into millionaires.


10. Renewable energies

Fossil fuels will not go away overnight. However, there is a growing global awareness that sooner or later there will have to be an alternative. Those who enter this sector now could become very rich in the not too distant future. 17 percent of the experts in the World Wealth Report agree.


9. Aviation

Build planes and transport passengers. It's still a huge business. Entering the market is difficult, but if you can predict it 18 percent a bright future.



8. Agriculture and mining

The energy needs in agriculture and mining will largely be met by the emerging economies in Asia and Africa. According to 18.9 percent of experts, this industry is a grateful one to make a lot of money. You have to be able to afford the costs that have fallen.

7. Training

With increasing prosperity, the level of education of mankind also improves. Which in turn increases prosperity. 19.8 percent of the experts give the education sector a good chance of producing millionaires. Anyone who has ever had to pay tuition won't be too surprised.


6. Telecommunications

For a couple of years, Telmex's Mexican CEO Carlos Slim was the richest man in the world. This fact alone proves how much money is in this sector. In the World Wealth Report are 20.2 percent convinced that this sector will make many other people rich over the next few years.


5. Real estate and construction

The world population is growing and growing. (India and China are expected to break the 1.5 billion people mark by 2030) As a result, more people need space to live. Likewise 20.2 percent of the experts are convinced that this population growth makes people rich. Because someone has to create this living space.


4. Manufacturing and production

It may sound trite, but people will always need things. And it takes a manufacturing process to produce these things. 22.3 percent of the experts predict a bright future for the production market. A further decline in the Chinese economy is also expected.

3. Healthcare

As long as humanity exists (and continues to get older), the pharmaceutical industry will remain a cash cow. The research & development costs are immensely high, but still see 30.1 percent a millionaire guarantee in healthcare.



2. Tech

It's not just about the “classic” tech area as we know it from Google and Facebook. But also financial technology and “disruptive tech” as exemplified by Uber and AirBnB. The success stories of such technological developments do not end. 30.9 percent of the experts describe the tech sector as one of the most promising when it comes to “making money”.

1. Finance

It is not without reason that bankers are usually well-heeled. 35.7 percent the experts in the report still see the financial sector as the most profitable of all. Hence that is where most of the millionaires will come from. According to "The Guardian", senior bankers on Wall Street or in London earn more than the 1 million US dollar mark annually. It is still the best industry to make a lot of money.