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The plates are UV-resistant and therefore filter the strong sun rays.
When the strong sun rays hits the freon so formed is a chlorine atom, which in turn go and breaks apart the molecule ozone (O3) and then diluted ozone layer ... therefore required sunlight and freon to start the degradation process.
If the strong solar radiation the freon so formed hits a chlorine atom which in turn goes and breaks down the ozone (O3) molecule and then thins the ozone layer ... therefore requires sunlight and freon to start the breakdown.

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We are about 2100 meters above sea level. In the morning our tents are covered with frost. In the drinking water are ice cubes the sun rays warm quickly and strong. Soon everything is defrosted and dry.
We are at over 2100 m, when we wake up the tents are covered with hoarfrost, lumps of ice swim in the drinking water. But the Sun rays always warm quickly stronger, soon everything will be thawed and dry.
The leaves of the lupine are well adapted to strong solar radiation as the leaves move with the sun throughout the day in order to be parallel to the incoming sun rays all day.
The leaves of the lupine are well on Strength Sun exposure adjusted, as the leaves during the day with the Sun move to parallel to the incoming all day long Sunbeams to stand.
Suddenly these sun rays form structures.
And year after year, the opening gets larger and larger. So the time can come when the Sun rays are so strong, if it reaches fields of oil and petroleum, it can catch fire.
And year after year the opening is getting bigger and bigger. So the time may come when the Sunbeams so strong are that when they reach oil fields or petroleum they can catch fire.
Sun Ray Server software 3.1.1, Sun Ray Server Software 3.1 and earlier releases of Sun Ray Server software are not affected.
Of this Problem is that Sun Ray Server software 3.1.1 and earlier not affected.
Apparatus for focused use of sun rays.
Kate sees sun rays flitting through the heavy brush above.
Kate sees Sunbeams shimmer through the heavy leaves.
But the sun rays Warm quickly and strong.Soon everything is defrosted and dry.
But the Sun rays warm up quickly, and soon everything is thawed and dry.
The last sun rays disappeared close before this shot.
With the first sun rays, our mood improves immediately.
VANNI - Everyone stands alone on the heart of the earth / transfixed by a sun-ray...
VANNI Everyone stands alone in the heart of the earth / pierced by one Sunbeam...
On our cozy terrace you can enjoy the last sun rays and the sunset.
Enjoy the last ones on our cozy terrace Sunbeams and let yourself be enchanted by the sunset.
Dull landscape shots can be saved by the sun rays or reflections on water.
Boring landscapes can get through Sunbeams or reflections on water are saved.
Enjoy comfort, pleasure and unbridled skiing under warm sun rays in the astonishing mountains of the Alps.
Enjoy comfort, pleasure and uninterrupted skiing pleasure under warming Sunbeams in the impressive mountains of the Alps.
PLEXIGLAS protects against dangerous sun rays because it absorbs UV light.
PLEXIGLAS protects against the dangerous Sunbeamsbecause it absorbs the UV rays.
A contained UV protection is responsible for the defense against harmful sun rays.
A contained UV protection is for the defense against damaging Sunbeams responsible.
However, improper skin care can cause permanent damage from the suns rays.
However, improper care can cause permanent damage Sunbeams.
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