Why is my cat's eye bleeding

Eye injuries in cats

Eye injuries in cats can be very dangerous. Even if only the area around the eye was injured - especially the eyelid - this can lead to blindness in the cat. Therefore, it is important to remove dangerous items from around the home and garden and to understand the symptoms and measures to be taken of eye injury in cats.

Causes of Eye Injury in Cats

When cats injure their eyes are common foreign body involved. In the household put protruding objects such as Nails, outside sharp branches or thorns There is also a risk of eye injury if cats fight each other using their claws extended. Cats can also injure themselves with their claws if they e.g. scratch your head intensely.

Eye injuries in cats: these are symptoms

If cats have injured their eyes or a foreign object has gotten into the eye, this can be noticed by the following symptoms:

  • The cat pinches one eye while the other is open.
  • one-sided blink
  • watery eye
  • Eye rubbing
  • You may also see blood on or in the eye.

What to do if the cat has injured its eye

For obvious injuries, be sure to have your cat's eye with one damp, lint-free cloth cover up and drive to the vet immediately. If you suspect a foreign object, you can try gently rinsing the eye with clean water. In general, however, the following applies: Better to go to the vet for a trivial matter than a blind cat!

Prevention of eye injuries in cats

Every now and then, go on all fours and examine your apartment from a cat's perspective. This is the only way you will notice all the danger spots. A tour of the garden or garage can also be worthwhile.