Symbols What is an Ouroborus

Dream Interpretation Ouroboros

An ouroboros represents a snake that bites its own tail. The snake's body is wound in the shape of a circle or a figure eight. Sometimes a dragon is depicted instead of a snake. The ouroboros is a very ancient and mythical symbol.

Its name comes from the Greek and means something like "tail eater". Plato described it as the symbol of the self-sufficient, self-sufficient, which neither needs food from the outside nor has to move in any way. The symbol was already known in ancient Egypt, images were found in a tomb that is over three thousand years old. Norse mythology also tells of a snake biting its own tail.

Is a dream in which an ouroboros appears always a mystical dream? What interpretations does the dream interpretation also have ready?

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Dream symbol "Ouroboros" - The general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams, the symbol of ouroboros has several meanings. Traditionally it stands for energy, great Makes and the infinity, because the snake pictured has no beginning and no end. It also indicates that time as such. The dreaming may occupy a temporal sequence, he longs for an event or wishes that the time should pass more slowly or a moment stop forever.

The Ouroboros is also an indication of opposites. It symbolizes perfection and is capable of actually opposing things unite. It can be about contradicting views or also about different wishes of the dreaming.

At first sight they seem incompatible, but the dream symbol indicates that it is possible to get them "under one roof", or express the strong desire of the dreaming for such a solution. It may be that he doesn't want to choose. Therefore, the Ouroboros can also use a discovery or refer to invention, which makes the dreaming.

A negative interpretation of the dream image says that it is for futility Like the proverbial cat that bites its own tail, it may indicate efforts that ultimately lead to nothing. The dreaming is in a senseless cycle which delivers no result.

Dream symbol "Ouroboros" - the psychological interpretation

A snake that bites its own tail is enough of itself. The dream symbol indicates on a psychological level that the dreaming just needs little influence from outside or is very involved oneself employed. He's probably full of energy and creativity. Similar to the phoenix the ouroboros can appear when the dreaming reinvents himself.

Biting into oneself can also lead to a connection to the past standing, which hides in the present like the tail in the snake's mouth. Just because it can't be seen doesn't mean it no longer exists. Rather, the dreaming carries the past in his innermost being. The dream image can also mean that something is steadily in the life of the dreaming repeatedthe past and the future appear the same to him.

Dream symbol "Ouroboros" - the spiritual interpretation

Naturally, the Ouroboros is a very spiritual dream image. He embodies that infinity of the universe and its all-encompassing power as well as that Cycle of life from birth, death and rebirth.

The ouroboros reflects the principle of ying and yang, everything is connected with each other: body and soul, spirit and matter, individual and world. Everything is in sync Unison and is interdependent. The dream of the Ouroboros can also indicate that the dreaming has access to spiritual knowledge receives.