What poison kills adult humans

Poison dart frog: information in the animal lexicon

A film of poison on their skin protects the colorful hoppers from many dangers. You can find out more about the poison dart frog in the GEOlino animal lexicon!

General information about the poison dart frog

The family of poison dart frogs, also called poison dart frogs, includes 170 known species. Nobody knows the exact number of species. Most of the frogs, which are only up to five centimeters tall, are at home in the rainforests of Central and South America, which are difficult to access. A few also live in Hawaii and Madagascar.

Why is the poison dart frog threatened?

The poison dart frog is threatened because more and more rainforests are being cleared. Because as a result, the animals' living space is shrinking. Some species are already extinct, and many are critically endangered. In addition, the so-called chytrid fungus attacks frogs of all kinds worldwide. It disturbs the water balance of the animals and kills them.

Life expectancy: how old does a poison dart frog get?

In captivity, poison dart frogs can do more than ten years grow old, in some cases even 15 years.

Are poison dart frogs poisonous?

Not all poison dart frogs are dangerous to humans. Only five of the species known to date are poisonous enough to kill an adult: they belong like that Terrible poison dart frog to the genus Phyllobates and form the poison batrachotoxin.