Was gang linked to 2Pac


2Pac Shakur was the reason I started listening to hip-hop. His infamous and volatile diss track "Hit Em‘ Up "was solely responsible for one of my first true loves and obsessions - rap music. Especially his.

While the track is primarily aimed at Biggie Smalls and to this day, almost a quarter of a century later, remains one of the most famous diss records in hip hop history - it mentions, belittles, threatens and humiliates numerous other well-known rappers as well.,

While Hit 'Em Up is technically a song, there is some kind of chorus and a beat is there in the background, it's not a song at all, at the same time.

It's essentially a five-minute and thirteen-second death threat aimed directly at the East Coast rappers he named, including, but not limited to: Biggie Smalls, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Chino XL, Prodigy, and Havok of Mobb Deep , Lil 'Kim, Junior Mafia and Lil' Ceaser.

Then he includes Bad Boy Records as a whole - or in his words - "As a staff, record label and motherfucking crew", before finally adding someone who wants Bad Boy Records to be on the list of people he is enemies of holds.

I said the Diss track wasn't a song at all, and 2Pac itself essentially says the same thing, proudly claiming, "We don't sing, we bring drama". He then just rhymes with "Momma" since he even denigrates Biggie's own mother. The track is the most violent, eccentric, and exaggerated diss in what I would assume is the entire history of not just hip hop but all of the music and entertainment. While it had a lot of entertainment value - it wasn't made for entertainment purposes. It was literally a recorded death threat. A threat he would never carry out, given that 2Pac was murdered just four months after he was admitted - three months after his release.

Openly threatened a slew of rappers who grew up on the middle streets of various rougher areas of New York City - many who carried guns themselves - could very well be the reason 2Pac was murdered.

It's not my theory or what I think the case - but it definitely is possible. As it turns out, rappers with criminal backgrounds tend not to be too kind to this kind of thing.

Or maybe it was 2Pac's physical assault and pounding that was initiated on a well-known member of the Crips, Orlando Anderson, in a parking garage before a Mike Tyson fight took place hours before the 2Pac's murder, resulting in the legendary's death Rappers led.

It's an undeniable fact that Marion “Suge” Knight, the owner of Death Row Records to which 2Pac was signed, is a member of the Bloods - a well-known rival of the Crips.

Not only did Suge himself signal this by wearing red for most of his public and I assume private life, but he just came out and said it verbally.

In the 2015 Showtime documentary American Dream / American Knightmare, Suge claimed 2Pac was also a member of the Bloods.

Which, if it's true, means 2Pac wasn't just a gangsta rapper - he was an actual and active member of one of the largest and most violent street gangs in America.

Gang members are shot and sent to jail, just as 2Pac did before he died, telling about it in November 1994 in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in New York.

2Pac was there to record songs with Biggie and several other New York rappers who were already waiting for him upstairs when he was shot and robbed in the lobby. He believed the attack was arranged by Biggie - which was not just a feud between the two rappers, but between two entire coastlines of rappers.

This led Pac to eventually recording several tracks that discussed these rappers, including hit 'Em Up., He took every opportunity to let the world know that he believed Biggie Smalls tried to have him killed - before moving on the aforementioned Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, which resulted in his death in the hospital seven days later.

Suge himself has also been accused of killing 2Pac, as it was rumored the rapper was unhappy at Death Row Records and may have planned to transfer his extraordinary talents to another label.

While this is possible, it's not exactly plausible how Suge was in the same 2Pac car when he was shot., In fact, it wasn't just Sugar's car they were driving in when gunfire came from a black Chevy Suburban that came alongside pulled them up - but the shots also came from the driver's side of the car they were in, and Suge was driving.

Call me crazy, but doesn't exactly sound like the ideal way to get someone killed - it would be a great way to get yourself killed, in the process, instead.

2Pac wasn't exactly a friend of the police, and not only did he make it known during much of his music, but he was also charged with shooting two police officers in Atlanta in 1993.,

Another somewhat far-fetched but not impossible theory is that it was the police themselves who killed 2Pac. Again, it's not my theory or what I believed happened.

While 2pac's death remains largely a mystery with many conspiracy theories and possible conspiracies derived - my argument is that it probably shouldn't be. We don't find it surprising when other gang members are killed in cold blood. Nobody attaches a mysticism to it. It's what we almost expect to happen, unfortunately.

This is because it happens every day somewhere in America and beyond.,

However, 2Pac was obviously not your average gang member if he was actually a real and active member of the Bloods as Suge claims - and not just an affiliate due to his relationship with the founder of Death Row Records.

Because of his status as one of the best rappers who ever lived, we associate this mystery and conspiracy theories with his death.,

Otherwise we would not question how someone with a violent track record, gang affiliation, a deep hatred of the police, millions of dollars - who almost got killed a few years ago - could possibly have been murdered.

Although it would still be sad, book after book and documentary after documentary would not have been written and made about it. Frankly, nobody would care.

While I'm certainly not implying that we shouldn't care - especially in 2pac's case as he's one of my favorite rappers of all time to this day - I'm just saying that most wouldn't.,

It's fun to discuss various possible theories about what could have happened the night 2Pac was killed. In doing this, we forget that under the fame, fame and fortune, Tupac was a normal person. Not only was he a famous or legendary rapper, he was someone's son too. His mother's name is Afeni Shakur. He had a family.

I really hope to live to see the day his murder will be solved and justice served. But maybe even more, what I hope is an end to the complex and overly intricate theories of seeing what happened in Vegas that night.,

While we may find it amusing to keep the rumors afloat that he is still alive - he is not and it is absurd for anyone to think differently. We don't do this when everyday people we know and love pass and at the end of the day he was a real person known and loved by many. May we never forget that and finally let the man and the legend rest in peace.