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What does “muscle hypertrophy” mean? And how does it come about?

Dear visitor, I would like to ask you the public and official Numbers, facts and statistics with the Media coverage and the statement the Politician to to compare. Does that fit together?, or do we stir up fear and panic and are livelihoods, retail and medium-sized businesses being destroyed without there being any basis for it?

Important: It is not a question of whether there is a virus or a respiratory disease, but only whether the response to it is appropriate and proportionate when comparing this "situation" with previous years. Does it all make sense, is it appropriate in relation to the collateral damage what our government is doing? And please ask yourself whether you want to be compelled to use a new type of vaccination method (mrna injection) on this basis.

↓ Please ↓ just read below

  • The Symptoms the “Corona” - PCR throat swab test-positive people(Please zoom into the picture)

(Corona? Flu? Cold?) However, no smear cross-check is made for other pathogens (see later graphic on flu / influenza viruses).


  • We have less acute respiratory diseases (ARE) 2020 = black | Red at the bottom are "Corona cases" (Please zoom into the picture)


Here again in the RKI PDF (Please zoom into the picture)

  • The flu cases (Influenza viruses) will be in 2020NO longer recorded
    (Symptoms are just 1 to 1 and the corona test is always the first and often the only one)

Here please filter: https://apps.who.int/flumart/default?reportno=10

  • Therefore but we have “Corona cases” test positives with and without symptoms that can also occur 1 to 1 with the flu.


  • The Bed availability (empty beds) is driven back


  • Bed occupancy in the comparison averaged over previous years


  • The Infectious Mortality Rate is under the one normal flu


Important: Please also read the Great Barrington Declaration
"As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, we have serious concerns about the harmful effects of prevailing COVID-19 measures on physical and mental health and recommend what we call Focused Protection."

People ... Please take a look at the information on the following channels and form your OWN opinion on “Corona”

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