Why don't people like me

Dogs don't like you when you have this trait

For many dog ​​owners, their pets are like family members. It hurts the owner all the more if the dog shows aggressive behavior and bites a person - for whatever reason.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool wanted to know when and, above all, who had the chance of dogs biting. Your study was published in the British Medical Journal. The scientists surveyed almost 700 households not only to evaluate the bites that were reported in hospitals or other medical facilities, but also to include minor incidents that did not require medical treatment. According to the study, there are 19 bites per 1,000 people.

Who is bitten by dogs most often?

The researchers initially found, unsurprisingly, that dog owners have a higher chance of being bitten by dogs. However, half of the respondents were bitten by dogs they did not know. Dogs also bit men twice as often as women.

In addition, the participants in the study completed a personality test and the results of the test indicate that emotionally unstable, i.e. fearful and nervous people, are more likely to be bitten by dogs. The respondents had to rate how emotionally stable they consider themselves to be on a scale from one to seven (seven being very self-confident).

Nervous people apparently make dogs nervous too

The likelihood of being bitten decreased the higher the respondents rated themselves. This study was the first to establish this relationship between emotional instability and dog bites. How exactly it comes about must first be clarified in follow-up studies.

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These results give the widespread advice not to be fearful and nervous towards dogs a scientific basis.

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