All dice games are based on luck

Are games based on luck banned?

Praise be to Allah ..

Games based on luck, guesswork, and guesswork have been declared banned by a group of legal scholars as an analogy to dice games.

And about dice games, “Al-Mausuah Al-Arabiyah Al-Alamiyah” says: “Small dice that are used in some games of chance, such as craps. It is a game of chance (for money) played with two dice. Dice are also played in backgammon, monopoly and other board games. A cube is called “Nard” in Arabic. Each cube has six sides and there are points from one to six on each side. "

Playing with dice is forbidden because Muslim (2260) narrated through Buraidah Ibn Al-Husaib - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: “Whoever plays with dice so it's like dipping his hand into the flesh and blood of a pig. "

And at Abu Dawud (4938) and Ibn Majah (3762), about Abu Musa Al-Ashari, it is stated that the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: "Whoever plays with dice opposes Allah and His Messenger . ”Al-Albani classified this as authentic in“ Saheeh Abi Dawud ”.

An-Nawawi - may Allah have mercy on him - said in "Sharh Muslim": "This hadith is an argument for Ash-Shafii and the majority of scholars about forbidding dice games.

And by dipping your hand in the flesh and blood of a pig while you are eating it, it is meant that the prohibition (of playing dice) is similar to the prohibition on eating those things. And Allah knows best."

And there are legal scholars who associate dice games with anything that is based on luck and estimation.

Ibn Hajar Al-Haitami said in “Tuhfah Al-Muhtaj Sharh Al-Minhaj” (10/215): “And it is forbidden to play with dice, according to the correct view, based on the tradition of Muslim:“ Whoever with dice plays, it is as if he were dipping his hand into the flesh and blood of a pig. ”And in a tradition at Abu Dawud it says:“ ... he opposes Allah and His Messenger. ”

And dice are guesswork and guesswork, which is completely silly and stupid.

Ar-Rafii and those who followed him said in summary: “As an analogy for this (dice and chess), everything that includes all kinds of the same games is used. So anything that is based on calculations and thinking, such as lines to and from which stones will be moved, through calculations, is not forbidden. And anything based on estimates is forbidden. This also includes playing cards. ”See also:“ Nihayah Al-Muhtaj ”(8/295).

In "Haschiyah Ar-Raschidi ala Nihayah Al-Muhtaj" (8/295) it says: "With playing cards are meant cards that are decorated with different engravings, as Al-Adhrai said."

The Standing Committee (15/231) issued a fatwa on the ban on card games, even if they are not played for money. Shaykh Ibn Uthaimin - may Allah have mercy on him - also issued the same judgment. For this see: “Qadaya Al-Lahw wa At-Tarfih”, by Madun Raschid (p. 186).

It is the same with chess. Most scholars forbid playing this.

Al-Baihaqi narrated in "Sunan Al-Kubra" (10/212) about Ali - may Allah be pleased with him - who ran past people playing chess. He then said: "What kind of images are they whose devotion you devote yourselves to?"

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In a nutshell: one should stay completely away from games that are based on luck. And games based on intelligence and movement will do.

And Allah knows best.