What is SAS University Edition

SAS University Edition free of charge worldwide for students and faculty

SAS is now making free analytics software available to universities around the world.

With the SAS University Edition, students and teachers should develop and expand their statistical knowledge.

There is currently a great need in business for highly qualified university graduates with basic analytics skills. Academics often lack the know-how to help companies extract knowledge from mountains of unstructured data - big data.

This is why career opportunities increase massively if students and graduates acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills at an early stage, thereby increasing their attractiveness for employers.

Professors and lecturers also benefit: from now on they can base their research results on industry-leading analytics.

As part of the SAS Analytics U educational program, the company makes the software available to universities worldwide free of charge.

The offer is aimed primarily at students and lecturers who work with statistical and quantitative methods. Statistical software can be used, for example, in research or in courses such as economics or social sciences, medicine and engineering.

The SAS University Edition can be downloaded directly from the SAS servers and installed on Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

In addition, users get access to the SAS Analytics U Community. There they can exchange ideas and ask questions.

In addition, the platform offers additional information material from SAS such as videos as well as a chat function and support - and is therefore ideally suited for expanding or deepening analytics knowledge.

Professors can access free tutorials and seminar materials, provide best practices and case studies, and network in the online forum. The Student Community also has an online forum and loads of free content.

With the SAS University Edition, users have access to the latest statistical and quantitative methods. In addition to the basic technologies, the software package contains the programming and development environment SAS Studio. SAS Studio runs in the web browser; users can communicate with SAS at any time and from anywhere in the world.

SAS Code can be uploaded from any device that supports the SAS University Edition. The code is displayed identically on all compatible end devices, which makes teaching and learning easier.

SAS has over 30 years of experience in the education sector: solutions from the software manufacturer are used in over 3,000 institutions worldwide - for teaching, research and administration.

(Source: SAS)

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