Do you ever miss the Army Public School

Ekaya Nelson

Where do you live / wake up
I lived in Philadelphia and grew up in New Castle.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to go to Del-Tech for 2 free years and then move to the University of Delaware. I go into mechanical engineering.

What is your passion outside of school?
I am enthusiastic about my well-being and my family.

Any awards, grants, or achievements?
I received a $ 400 scholarship to an engineering program called ACE, 10 plaques of honor, and acceptance of the SEED scholarship at Del-Tech.
What word would you use to describe yourself and why:
One word that describes me is ambitious because I always try to reach my potential and sometimes even push it beyond its maximum limits educationally and socially.

Which teacher influenced you and why?
Mr. Steiner impressed me because he showed me the advantages of being an engineer and gave me more insight into the operation of a large number of tools and machines.

Which non-teacher person influenced you and why?
Ms. Handy-Hayes also impressed me because she helped me choose the classes I was destined for and benefited from. She is also a good and fun conversationalist.

What major are you in at WP?

In which sports or clubs do you work?
I am involved in the ACE engineering program.

What's your favorite memory from high school?
My favorite memories of high school are the intense UN games we had during Mr. Vazzanas class.

What do you want to remember?
One thing I would like to remember because I'm one of the most laid back and funniest people I have ever been able to cross with.

What's your favorite quote?
"With great power comes great responsibility" - Stan Lee / my Uncle Ben (Yes, I actually have an Uncle Ben)
Here is your opportunity to thank everyone for making you the success you are. What would you like to say to these people?
For my teachers, thank you for taking the time to teach me the skills and knowledge I would need in the real world. Every teacher has had a lot of patience with me and I find that very grateful, because to be honest I know that sometimes it is not easy to be patient with me. If it were up to me, I would give every teacher a metal of honor.

For my school counselor - Ms. Handy-Hayes: I want to thank her for helping me decide which classes are designed to improve my thinking. Without them, I would choose classes that would make me quit and earn Fs on my certificates. I am eternally grateful to her and give her an 11/10 rating as a consultant! (And she's an excellent person to talk to on a daily basis.)

To my friends / acquaintances: Thank you to everyone who has been in my life. We shared many good times and memories with each other. And yes, I know some people have had ups and downs with me, but to tell the truth, I consider everyone I have crossed paths with to be essential to the time I've spent at William Penn. I will miss you all when graduation comes.