How is the Czech r pronounced?

The Czech alphabet has 34 letters. In addition to the 26 you know from German č, ď, ch, ň, ř, š,t ’ and ž used as independent letters, for example when sorting in telephone books etc. Please note: The ch is in the order of precedence H listed. To get a first impression, would you like to have the Czech alphabet spoken to you first? Here you can find the ABC as an audio file

The alphabet

Czech letter

Description of pronunciation

Examples (where possible: based on German)

A a

short spoken, light a


Á á

elongated a

Jahr, falisten

B b

stressed b


C c

like z in German


Č č

like Tsch in German

Tschüss, Enchsorry

D d

voiced d

D.thank you,dplace

Ď ď

[dj] - Loud, the tongue is pressed against the hard palate

similar to: Welldja

E e

similar to German, but more openly emphasized


É é

long ä, open

HÄme, devÄgene


tob, f, p, v: as [jä] - pronounced after d, n, t: emphasizes the softness (ď, ň, ť) of these consonants m: emphasizes [ňe] loud

Yeahger,yesth; ifěd: [objed]

tja; děkovat: [djekovat]

město: [mnjesto]

F f

voiceless f


G g

like g in German


H h

clearer than in German emphasized with light ch in the finish

similar: naHe

Ch ch

clearer than in German

between the ch in ich and ach spoken: chytyí

I i

short i

ist, bin,

Í í

elongated i

nietimes, Schieno

J j

like stressed j in German


K k

short k (* ¹)

Kamm,Kombus (* ¹)

L l

Stressed l


M m

like unstressed m in German


N n

like German n; before g or k: [ng] sound


Ň ň

[nj] -sound

Cognac, Lasagne

O o

stressed o, more open than in German

similar: HOtel, OddO

Ó ó

elongated o


P p

short unstressed p (* ¹)

Papagei,Peast (* ¹)

Q q

like German q

Quer,qto hang around

R r

short r (tongue tip r)


Ř ř

does not exist in German, [rsch] -Laut

přesto (Nevertheless), přítel (Friend)

S s

like sharp s / ß in German

Kasse, theress

Š š

like German sch


T t

like unstressed t (* ¹)

Tapple,Tisch (* ¹)

Ť ť

softer [tj] sound

Portier, Tantiemen

U u

like unstressed German u

Schuss, Luft

Ú ú

elongated u

UHu, Tuch

Ů ů

elongated u

UHu, Tuch

V v

like voiced w in German

warum,W.water power

W w

short, hard w


X x

like German x

Xylophone, extra

Y y

like short i

ist, Fisch

Ý ý

like elongated i

R.iese, wiethe

Z z

like soft s in German


Ž ž

soft [dsch] sound


(* ¹) Note:
The Czech language (in contrast to German) has no breath in the pronunciation k, p and t.

The diacritical marks in Czech are referred to as follows:
('): čárka - dash; (°): kroužek - curls; (ˇ): háček - check mark

In addition to this large overview of the alphabet, you will also find rules for the pronunciation of the diphthongs in a further chapter.