What was it like to be a school bully

Now the attorney general takes overTop prosecutor chases the school bullies

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Frankfurt - Sheer horror among thousands of parents, exclusively the terrible one since BILD yesterday Student bullying page denounced from the Internet. Now politics and the judiciary are taking massive action - Attorney General Hans-Josef Blumensatt is making the case a top priority!

The disgusting page (BILD does not name it!) Has been online for 7 days. It spreads in a flash via Facebook and Co. 81 schools from Rhein-Main are affected (see list on the right). Young people anonymously rush over classmates, vilify them in the worst possible way: “T. from the 10a stands on group sex! "," P. had something with teacher S. ”.

Headmaster Dr. Claus Wirth (Goethe-Gymnasium) sent lightning emails to all parents yesterday: "The class teachers also discuss the problem in class."

Mayor Jutta Ebeling (Greens): “We asked the schools to react pedagogically to the problems in the classes. A disgusting thing! "

But above all, the (still) anonymous Hetzer and the (still) unknown operator are now really getting fire from the judiciary! K 35 investigators and the General Public Prosecutor's Office together determine: "The effects on the victims are catastrophic, especially in the psychological area," explains Chief Public Prosecutor Günter Wittig, head of the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime. “We are doing everything we can to get hold of the perpetrator. A forum of the worst proportions! "

Three special prosecutors are working on the case - the explosiveness is enormous: "If the operator is based in America, we will even ask the US authorities for administrative assistance!"

What do the victims have to do now? IT expert Tobias Huch: “Those affected should print out all insults and save them. It is essential to file a criminal complaint! The operators and accomplices will have to answer massive civil and criminal law after exposure. "

These schools are affected (alphabetically):