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At the theatrical release of The Disaster Artist: 9 reasons why The Room is cult

I beg you, you have The room still not seen? Shame on you! Then you have now to the cinema release of The disaster artist with James Franco the perfect opportunity to see a piece Cult cinema to catch up.

At the following 9 points I would like to show you why The room probably the best worst movie of all time. One man is responsible: Tommy Wiseau.

There is one damn good reason - or at least 9 - why The room has been shown every year in selected cinemas since 2003. Viewers pepper plastic spoons against the screen now comes even a film about its History of origin out.

# 1: This is how ... sex doesn't work

If you like sex, it will The room change quickly. What feels like the first half of the film is spent by the protagonists buttering the salmon more often than a retired couple who fishes too deep in the medicine cabinet.

One would have to have deaf-mute and / or damn low demands - hey, I'm not judging anyone here - for the cheerful screen goings-on as erotic or even romantic to call.

And wherever Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) is aiming his penis: I don't think that's in the navel heard of the sexual partner. But what do I know ...

# 2: the green screen of death

Much of The room does not take place in a room, but on the roof of a house, where real real talk between Johnny and his best friend mark (Greg Sestero) takes place. By the way, he's cheating on Johnny with his great love Lisa (Juliette Danielle), but hush!

Instead of filming on a real rooftop to create a realistic scenario based on the background, no expense or effort was spared ... Wait, no, that is nonsense...

Just have a look at that Green screen of all rooftop scenes - one or the other film before 1954 actually managed to do that better.

# 3: cancer? Meh.

The room Nor is she afraid to focus on human fates: Claudette (Carolyn Minnott) plays Lisa's mother and divides her daughter into one heartbreaking scene with that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Something like that, at least, it must have been in the script.

Because the indifferent revelation could not elicit a more indifferent reaction from Lisa. Lisa replies with: "Don't worry. [...] A lot of people are being healed these days." - and that’s the theme of cancer for the rest of the film done.

# 4: Denny is just plain creepy

Denny (yes, with E and not with A) probably is oldest 17 year oldthat the world has ever seen.

As if that wasn't creepy enough, he desperately wants Johnny and Lisa watch sex - which I definitely cannot recommend - and provokes spontaneous pillow fights with the two of them. That's what happens when you don't lock the door ...

There is also an absurd scene (on the roof of the house, of course) in which Denny is shopping for drugs from his dealer is threatened. The incident is no longer addressed in the entire film.

# 5: framed pictures of ... spoons?

For some reason, Johnny's apartment is everywhere framed photos of spoons to see. Don't ask me what this is about. I don't know either.

# 6: Football builds a sense of community

I can't think of anything better than having one with my best friends football tossing back and forth.

According to Tommy Wiseau, this is obviously part of every good friendship with men, since in The room there is seldom any other interaction between Johnny and his pals.

Incidentally, you cannot go further than two metres stand apart. It's so.

# 7: Wait a minute, did it look completely different?

Actor Kyle Vogt plays in The room a character named Peter. In the middle of the film, however, he is without further explanation by a character named Steven (Greg Ellery) replacedwho pretends he's been there instead of Peter the whole time.

Maybe Tommy Wiseau thought nobody would notice.

Yes, Tommy. We noticed that.

# 8: "HAHAHA"

As you may have noticed by now, Tommy Wiseau is a pretty weird bird. This is mainly reflected in his absurd manner to speak again.

Wiseau claims to have been born in America, whereas already be "subtle" accent speaks.

One of the many highlights is undoubtedly the imitation of a chicken or not at all artificial about it most inappropriate topics to laugh. Like domestic violence, for example. A screamer, Johnny.

# 9: the mystery of Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau has his bizarre vision not just as a director responsible, but also as a screenwriter, producer, financier and leading actor.

Whether that is too much good idea was, it remains to be seen.

He is said to have financed the budget of six million US dollars by selling counterfeit jeans. The exact background of the film production is just as opaque as that origin and prehistory by Tommy Wiseau himself.

Maybe bringsThe disaster artist by and with James Franco in relation to this some light in the dark. After all, the film about the starts on February 01, 2018 in German cinemas and could answer one or the other question that comes with The room be thrown up every minute ...

Anyway, how is your sex life?

About the author: Valentin Aschenbrenner is editor at IGN Germany. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Letterboxd: @valivarlow.