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Feinschwarz.net stands out from lying blog among the best German-speaking Christian blogs

St. Gallen, 9.1.18 (kath.ch) “Theology to go” is offered by the “Feinschwarz.net” blog, says theologian Arnd Bünker. In 2017, this “theological feature section” had the greatest reach on social media among Christian blogs. This is communicated by the blog «Theopop», which, according to its own account, investigates the religious phenomenon in popular culture. Its information is based on an analysis of the ranking page Theoradar, which monitors the data traffic of over 400 Christian blogs in the German-speaking area.

Georges Scherrer

"Feinschwarz.net" was founded in 2015. The blog is run by theologians from all over the German-speaking area who, as a team of volunteers, do the editorial work for the blog. The authors include professors of theology, but also theologians who are in church service, in journalism or freelance, said the head of the Swiss Pastoral Sociological Institute SPI in St. Gallen, Arnd Bünker, who is himself a member of the editorial team .

The award "We are of course pleased, especially since we are all not online professionals," said Bünker. They tried this “volunteer project” on their own. At the same time, the award is an incentive to continue and a confirmation that "the intuition was correct, with the theology to search for the audience on the online path".

The word has an important place in theology

The blog «Feinschwarz.net» is less impressive because of the pictures it publishes, but above all because of the texts. Bünker accepts this description and adds: "It is a peculiarity of theology that it is initially very verbose." But the creators had learned to prepare the texts in such a way that they arrive on the Internet. The texts are shorter than in a magazine or a book. "We have learned that texts shouldn't be too long and that short texts are easier to read."

It was recognized that “Feinschwarz.net” had to offer a “theology to go” analogous to “Coffee to go”. In addition, half of the users consult the blog on their smartphone. But it is surprising that sometimes long texts find their addressees. Last but not least, feedback takes place via the Like button on social media. The editors also received letters to the editor that were published on “Feinschwarz.net”.

Internal Church with "outliers"

Bünker assumes that the blog will mainly reach people from the church community. “We see that especially in the topics. If they are within the church, then we meet with particularly high interest ». This refers to topics that concern pastoral care or church development. But there are always "outliers". When texts deal with religion and art or even board games, the page is also perceived by other circles on the Internet.

We are working on the further development of the blog. However, there are limits to a team of volunteers in this regard. "We all work in our profession and usually already have a lot to do," says the SPI manager. One possibility for development is to approach new authors who may also have a “cross-cutting look at the theological consideration of the questions that Feinschwarz takes up”. In this way, the user base can be expanded, Bünker is convinced.

No confession or satire blog

“Feinschwarz.net” sees itself primarily as a feature section that, in contrast to other blogs, allows very different voices to be heard. «We are less personal. There is less ‘the’ concise voice that you see again and again on fine black. " There are actually no texts on the blog that go in the direction of a personal commitment.

Theoradar rating testifies to the diversity of Christian blogs, said Bünker. These showed very different forms of dealing with faith, theology and religion. This is how the extremely wide range of "ambitious, theological attempts at speaking" appears today. In addition to “serious” blogs, there are satirical and comedic appearances that “bring some things to the extreme”. And the confession blog also has its place.

"The four unity of God"

“Feinschwarz.net” is followed in the top ten of Theoradar by the Catholic satire blog “Theoleaks”, which shines with false reports. For example, the blog brought a message with the title «The Trinity should be expanded with the Bible’! Is the four unity of God coming now? " out. It is more serious again in third place: the website "GekreuzSiegt" is run by a young mother who lives in Berlin. The blog provides assistance on a wide variety of social issues.

This is the result of the theoretical radar analysis of over 4,700 articles that were published on more than 400 Christian blogs in the past year. Posts from "Feinschwarz.net" were shared, liked, commented on or mentioned on Twitter a total of 19,613 times. "Theoleaks" recorded 16,815 interactions, "KreuzSiegt" 12,101 interactions.

Over 400 blogs

The analyzes are based on the database of the Christian blog toplist Theoradar, which is currently constantly monitoring 415 Christian blogs and examining posts published there for their response on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). To some extent, toplists are generated from this data on a daily basis, giving an overview of which topics and articles are currently being discussed particularly intensively.

In April 2013, “Theopop” was awarded the “Bronze Webfish 2013” ​​by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) and the joint venture of Protestant journalism (GEP).


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