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Definition and explanation of the management term "technical sales":

The term technical sales is mainly used in the B2B area and describes the sales of technically demanding or complex products or services or "problem solutions" that require a lot of explanation.

Technical Sales requires "specialists"

In technical sales, one finds less the “classic” salesperson types than z. B. technically well-versed and well-trained computer scientists or engineers. These act as so-called "buying consultants" in customer contact: they advise customers on how they can achieve their goals with the "problem solutions" offered by their company. Therefore, technical salespeople need to understand their customers' business.

Technical Sales: There is a "Buying Center" on the customer side

The work of technical salespeople is made more difficult by the fact that several people (from different areas) are usually directly or indirectly involved in the purchase decision for technical goods and problem solutions, who, due to their function in the organization, often have different expectations of the problem solution (e.g. managing director, Purchaser, head of the specialist department). Together they form the so-called "buying center"

Qualification, training of employees Technical Sales

As a rule, this also results in the central challenges in qualifying or further training technical salespeople. Due to their training, they are often already in top shape, but they often still need training and qualification in this regard
  • the strategic and tactical approach in the sales process,
  • the analysis of the "buying center" and the expectations of its members

Qualification "technical salesperson" with K&P

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