What types of chocolate cake are best

Do you fancy a juicy, flourless chocolate cake that is so incredibly chocolaty, soft and sinful that it can also be used as a dessert? A kind of chocolate cake with an almost liquid core that melts on your tongue and is very quick to prepare? Then I would have something for you 😉!

The Chocolate cake recipe without flour and nuts As the only “dry” ingredient in addition to the sweetener, it contains ground almonds, which ensure a wonderful consistency. Perhaps you already know my juicy chocolate sheet cake or the simple chocolate cake recipe for the loaf pan, which is quite similar, but also contains flour and is therefore easier to cut into cake slices or pieces. The recipe in this post, on the other hand, is better suited for springform pans; In addition, you shouldn't serve the cake as finger food, but rather more civilized with a plate and fork or spoon 😉 ... Your guests will be delighted! And you too! The idea for the flourless chocolate cake came about when I was thinking of a recipe for french chocolate cake (gâteau au chocolat). I've baked it up with a lot of changes. And that was the result shortly before the little lucky baker's cuddly toys struck (yes, yes ...) and soon there was no piece left:

The inspiration for “my” French chocolate cake with almonds comes from Melissa von Gourmandises végétariennes, who received it from a Parisian family. But I reduced the amount of sugar in your recipe again and took other sugar, which in my opinion has further improved the taste, also added some baking cocoa and more salt.

A flour-free, gluten-free chocolate cake that is reminiscent of brownies

This absolutely delicious chocolate cake always reminds me of really good brownies - it may not be "crunchy" or fudgy, but inside it is incredibly juicy, soft and moist. If you leave it in the oven a little shorter than me, you even have a kind Chocolate cake with liquid core. Hopefully I don't need any more arguments to convince all of you chocolate fans. I still have one thing: Because the chocolate cake is gluten-free, friends / colleagues / family members who suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease can also feast.

Because the chocolate cake works without flour and milk, it can also be tolerated by people with a cow's milk allergy if the butter is replaced with (slightly less) coconut oil or ghee. With sugar substitutes in the form of xylitol or erythritol as well as (sugar-free) dark chocolate it becomes even more delicious and juicy Low carb chocolate cake without flour. So: Bake loose 🙂! I look forward to your feedback.

Note: I published this post for the first time in 2016 and last updated in 2019.

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Chocolate cake without flour

An incredibly juicy chocolate cake that also goes through as a dessert. High-quality chocolate should be used for the gâteau au chocolat. If you shorten the baking time even further, you will get a chocolate cake with an almost liquid core
Quantity: 1cl. Springform pan (20 cm)


  • Melt the butter with the chopped chocolate in a hot water bath or normally in a saucepan over low heat. Stir it every now and then.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees top and bottom heat. Grease the small springform pan and sprinkle with a little cocoa.
  • Beat the eggs with the two types of sugar, vanilla and salt until frothy. Stir in the almonds, baking powder and cocoa alternately with the liquid butter and chocolate mixture. Pour the batter into the mold.
  • Bake the cake for about 30-35 minutes and let it stand in the switched-off oven for 5 minutes. Then let cool in the mold for at least 15 minutes before cutting. You can also let the cake soak in the fridge overnight.

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