Why am I not confident

Usage examples for "zuversichert" in German

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EnglishI am confident.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWell prepared and confident.volume_upmore_vert
I am not much there confident.volume_upmore_vert
I always am confident been.volume_upmore_vert
We are for our future confident.volume_upmore_vert
GermanUBS is for the full year 1999 confident.volume_upmore_vert
I agree with the Commission's answer confident.volume_upmore_vert
I am not very much about this confident.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishThere are none confident correct signals volume_upmore_vert
I am not very much there confident.volume_upmore_vert
I am confidentto find someone volume_upmore_vert
I am very much committed to the future of our business confident. "volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWe can confident expect it to continue well and quickly. volume_upmore_vert
I am too confidentthat this will work. volume_upmore_vert
However, I am confidentthat we will pick up the pace
I am confidentthat we are able to do this
EnglishLess confident I am with regard to the involvement of the member states
That is why we on the left see your program confident against.volume_upmore_vert
We are still extremely high for the future of our company confident.volume_upmore_vert
GermanUBS is confidentto be able to achieve a return on equity between 12% and 17%
I am for our future confident and firmly convinced that our strategy is the right one. ”volume_upmore_vert
EnglishWhy are the Liberals in this House? confidentthat you can do this? volume_upmore_vert
Now you have to get us to our destination and I am confidentthat you can do this volume_upmore_vert
For the full year 1999, UBS is due to the good results of the first nine months confident.volume_upmore_vert
EnglishI am very much into that confidentbecause we have full confidence in Commissioner.volume_upmore_vert in this regard too
I am confidentthat the constitution will be passed tomorrow by Parliament with an overwhelming majority
The goal is high, but I am confidentthat we are on the right track
So I am confidentthat this proposal can also be adopted at first reading
I am confidentthat this will also be reflected in today's vote
EnglishWe are still confidentthat any remaining concerns will be addressed during this accession process
I am very pleased with the contributions made on this very important issue confident.volume_upmore_vert
The words of Commissioner Figel and the initiatives of Mr Frattini support us confident.volume_upmore_vert
The European Union must confident that it can master this competition policy challenge
I am very confidentthat positive changes are made through this entire process
EnglishHe is confidentthat a sufficient number of member states enter the third stage
I believe that after enlargement, Europe's agriculture will be very much confident can see into the future volume_upmore_vert
You know that I always confident was, but I can understand the doubts and questions. volume_upmore_vert
I am confidentthat this statement will be available by the first October meeting at the latest
I am always something confident, but very realistic in two respects
I am confidentthat we shall vote accordingly on the Karas report at noon today. volume_upmore_vert
EnglishNevertheless, I am confidentthat this text will be improved
The Commission is confidentthat a balanced partnership with Morocco is possible
I am confidentthat Europe's position in the knowledge-based world economy is strengthened in this way
I am not very much confident, but we'll watch how that plays out. volume_upmore_vert