How much does a cubic meter cost

The prices of precast concrete

Material-dependent costs

Whether precast concrete (€ 18.49 at Amazon *) is worthwhile or mixing it yourself is the better alternative is a matter of personal consideration. With the significantly cheaper material for self-mixing, costs such as machine rental and working time must be offset. Not to be neglected is the high level of physical effort that concrete production demands.

Ready-mixed concrete that is delivered is offered at prices for ready-mixed concrete. The prices are made up of the material itself and the transport and delivery costs. The following price factors with regard to the material are common for precast concrete:

  • Compressive strength
  • Setting accelerator or retarder
  • Air entraining agent
  • Addition of superplasticizer
  • Frost protection surcharge
  • Change in consistency
  • Pumpability

Additional pricing factors

In addition to the material-related price factors, many costs related to transport and actual delivery play a major role. Usual factors are influenced by external circumstances such as time. Workload and quantities influence:

  • Kilometer transport flat rate
  • Winter surcharge
  • Overtime allowance
  • Surcharges for Sundays and public holidays
  • Night surcharge
  • minimum quantity surcharge
  • Disposal of residual concrete after emptying
  • Discharge time

Friday is usually the weekend

When it comes to prices for precast concrete, some surcharges cannot be avoided, as some providers also charge a weekend surcharge for Friday afternoons or Saturdays, for example. However, many do-it-yourselfers only have the opportunity to process precast concrete directly during these times.

This is how much ready-mixed concrete costs
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C8 / 10)approx. 67 EUR
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C12 / 15)approx. 72 EUR
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C16 / 20/25)approx. 78 EUR
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C30 / 37)approx. 88 EUR
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C35 / 45)approx. 95 EUR
1 cubic meter of precast concrete (compressive strength C40 / 50)approx. 104 EUR

Surcharges are caused by material surcharges such as setting retarders, air-entraining agents, anti-wear and anti-freeze agents around five euros per cubic meter. Setting accelerator around thirty euros per cubic meter. Changed consistencies or pumped concrete around ten euros per cubic meter.

When ordering ready-mixed concrete, you should bear in mind when calculating the price that the originally estimated price may be exceeded due to circumstances on site. This includes delays in unloading, also due to weather influences or an increased need to dispose of residual concrete if the ordered quantity is not reached.

Author: Stephan Reporter

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