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Nothing works today without software and thus without programmers. But while programmers are still desperately wanted in many areas, programmers without professional experience often find it difficult to find a job to make money. We'll introduce you to some of the ways you can make money as a programmer.


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The possibilities

If you want to earn money as a programmer, you have almost all the options that professional life has to offer: You can work independently, as a permanent programmer, earn money with a profit-sharing scheme and much more. Regardless of whether full-time or part-time:

In combination with other skills, there is hardly an industry in which programmers are not in demand. For example as a lawyer: With a legal education and programming knowledge, you can specialize in online law.

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Quick Money or Slavery?

The ideas of what a programmer does vary widely. Some have in mind the young software genius who sells his website for many millions to a large corporation, while others imagine someone who sits in the basement of an insurance company and manages databases.

In fact, there are both, but not as often as one might think. For very few, the job as a programmer means the way to easy money, thanks to the minimum wage and industry associations, very few programmers are enslaved against their will.

Competition in international business

Programming languages ​​are international. It is easier to get started when you have mastered the English language, but native speakers also have to familiarize themselves with the strictly formal terms on which programming languages ​​are based. Therefore it is easy to outsource programming jobs abroad.

As a programmer, you always have to be able to offer a little more than the competition in low-wage countries. Sometimes the language skills are crucial in order to be able to communicate properly with your customers, sometimes the quality and sometimes the legal certainty that you offer as a native programmer.

If you are only interested in making money as a programmer, there are a number of ways you can minimize your costs. You don't have to move straight to a country with a low cost of living, but you don't necessarily have to choose the location with the highest rents either. Ideally, you only need one computer.

Programmer or Software Developer?

There are a number of different professions in the IT sector, some of which overlap. Because of this, programmers are divided into programming languages, software environments, and other criteria. A programmer is specifically concerned with the implementation of software. This means that he does not or only marginally participate in the design of the software architecture. He's like a construction worker sticking to an architect's plan.

But even for this you sometimes need very special knowledge. Software should fulfill a specific purpose and use as few resources as possible. Sometimes fractions of a second that a program is faster or slower decide whether a customer is satisfied with a software or not.


You can start studying computer science at a university or college to get the basics you need as a programmer. In addition, you can be trained as an IT specialist, which is appreciated by many because it offers an entry point that is more practical.

Also, there are numerous courses without a state degree that allow you to earn individual certificates. If you want to start your own business or are just interested in programming, you can access countless books, websites and other teaching materials to learn programming or to expand your knowledge.


In addition to the various school requirements for the individual types of training, a programmer primarily needs the ability to think abstractly. All the tasks that a software-controlled device is supposed to perform must be dismantled in such a way that they can be performed with the tasks of a computer.

In addition, a programmer who wants to make money needs a number of additional skills, each adapted to his job.

These are very different and range from excellent communication with support staff to physical resilience when it comes to maintaining hard-to-reach computer components.

Choose the right programming language

If you want to earn money as a programmer, it is easier if you have mastered several programming languages. In some areas it is possible to solve a problem with different programming languages, but the normal case is that a customer or client specifies which language should be used.

In the course of time, certain standards have emerged for different companies or areas of application. In addition to the programming languages, there are also other languages ​​that play an important role, such as html, the hypertext markup language that can be used to structure digital documents.

If you want to know what the most important programming languages ​​are, you can always find the latest information on the TIOBE index.

In the following we will briefly introduce you to a few important languages.


Ruby was designed in the mid-1990s and its specification was standardized in 2012 as the international ISO / EC standard 30170. One of the reasons Ruby is a popular programming language is because it is available as free software. The language can be adapted to your own needs based on its source code.


JavaScript was developed to extend the possibilities of html and css. This makes it possible to dynamically change content on websites, evaluate user interactions and much more. In the meantime, however, the language has made the leap from Internet browsers to other applications. It is used, for example, on servers and microcontrollers.

C ++

This is an ISO standardized programming language that was developed as an extension of the C language. In addition, C still exists today and the two languages ​​are not far apart in terms of their meaning. The aim is as efficient and machine-oriented programming as possible. This means that C ++ is often used behind the scenes of systems, but also for programming applications when the use of the available resources is critical.

Visual Basic

This programming language is based on BASIC, the Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, and makes it easier for beginners to get started with programming. For example, understandable English words such as “and” or “or” can be used instead of abstract symbols. Unlike many other modern programming languages, Visual Basic is owned by Microsoft and cannot be freely used or modified.

Internet sites, software or apps?

Since software is used almost everywhere, from toasters to power plants, it is worthwhile to specialize in one or a few areas. If you want to make money as a programmer, you should take a close look at the market beforehand. Not everything that is currently booming promises reliable income in the long term. A good example is the market for apps.

Different cell phone manufacturers use different operating systems, each of which requires different apps to be programmed or adapted. As a programmer, you have the advantage that you do not need your own ideas, but can transfer what works well elsewhere to the new system.

The disadvantage is that the competition never sleeps and it is difficult for you to transfer your experiences with one system to another. Learn more

Part-time job as a programmer

Anyone who deals with programming languages ​​and similar tools can start earning money as a web designer or programmer during their training. Those who manage to assert themselves against the competition will find enough jobs that correspond to their own specialty. Sometimes you only have to have rudimentary programming knowledge, for example as a software tester.

Software tester

As a software tester, it is helpful to have a little knowledge of programming or marking languages. With this you can not only say that something is not going the way it should, but also why it is. You can find various providers on the Internet, some of whom subdivide their software testers into several categories, depending on the level of technical know-how you have. Learn more

Web designer

A real programmer might turn up their noses when a web designer calls himself one, but programming and marking languages ​​have a few things in common. That's why many of them get their job as a programmer by creating websites. The advantage of web design is that there are a large number of templates and design examples that you can stick to. So you can expand your knowledge step by step. Learn more

Game programmer

Many programmers start their careers inspired by computer games on the PC, game consoles or on the mobile phone. Ideally, as a game programmer, you can combine your passion for games with a respectable income.

The prerequisites for this are better than ever. The market for computer games is becoming more and more important and has in some cases already overtaken the film industry.

For modern computer games, in addition to programmers who should above all be proficient in C and C ++, all kinds of specialists are sought: modelers, animators, character designers and much more. Depending on the scope of the game project, you can program a game on your own or as part of a large team.

Budding game developers can gain initial experience with games that run on open operating systems. Anyone interested in console games will find a platform on Xbox Live Indie Games. Learn more

Teach programming

Where there is so much need for well-trained programmers, there must of course be qualified teachers. With your knowledge of various programming languages, you can offer courses at various institutions yourself. This ranges from private courses in computer fundamentals to scientific operations.

Programmers' expertise is also in great demand as the author of specialist books and articles in specialist journals.

Programmers and Hackers

There are many ways to make money as a programmer on the Internet. Due to the difficult legal situation, the delimitation of what is allowed and what is forbidden is not always very clear. As a programmer, you can actively contribute to making the Internet safer, even if you sometimes have to go beyond what is permitted.

This is the case, for example, if you want to track down security gaps in software products. By using certain products, you usually automatically commit yourself not to intrude into the inner workings of the software. But that is exactly what is needed to find security holes.


If you work as a programmer, you are not automatically tied to your desk, but you get far less movement than others while you work. You should therefore ensure that you do enough exercise and a healthy diet so that you do not suffer any health problems.

Programmers have not belonged to a fringe group for a long time; on the contrary, your social reputation will rather increase if you earn money as a programmer.

Investment costs

The investment costs to be able to earn money as a programmer are very low. You need a computer and, if necessary, certain software products or test equipment. In addition, you should definitely find out about suitable insurance, especially if you work as a freelancer. A software failure or a fault in a system can quickly have costly consequences that you cannot deal with without precautionary measures.

Continuing education and training

Software development never stops. Again and again new standards or new products emerge that you as a programmer should be able to master. Anyone who works with a certain programming language can always find the latest information on innovations in the relevant forums on the Internet. In addition, what counts above all is the practical experience you gain on projects and assignments. So stay up to date!

Old Item:

Technical progress is constantly changing the world around us. So it's not surprising that part-time jobs are also constantly changing with the times. New industries create new jobs, as well as new part-time jobs. In this article we would like to introduce you to a part-time job that is something for bright minds and hobby nerds: the part-time job as a programmer. In this article you will find out what typical tasks of a part-time programmer are, what qualifications and knowledge this part-time job requires and how you can best apply.

A very demanding part-time job

The rapid development of the Internet and microtechnology also caused a change in professional life. While a few years ago the most tried and tested part-time jobs were still largely physical activities, part-time jobs that require a good degree of concentration and technical know-how as well as IT skills are becoming increasingly established. However, those who have such knowledge naturally have great advantages on the job market.

If you do not have qualifications yourself that might be of interest to a modern employer, you should seriously consider training in areas that you find appealing. After all, as is well known, further training ensures the best return!

However, for those who are already fit in the field of programming, unimagined part-time job opportunities are opening up today. We would like to present these to you in the following. Many work processes are currently being automated across industries. All companies are realizing how important the Internet has become to their business. Thus, specialists who are familiar with the programming areas are desperately looking for. We are not only looking for computer scientists who have completed their vocational training, but also schoolchildren, teachers, students and mini-jobbers who are familiar with the relevant subject.

The requirement profile

In contrast to many other part-time jobs, you should have the required qualifications or the corresponding know-how. You can only really gain a foothold in this part-time job with the right knowledge. However, once you have gained a foothold and can convince with good work results, you can quickly establish yourself through numerous recommendations for real insider jobs that are also very well paid. The work results that you generate are decisive.

Depending on the area, employer and project, different skills are required:

There are, for example, industries in which there is currently a very strong focus on web design. Others, on the other hand, are much more concerned with the community area. Industrial companies may have different tasks and assignments than service companies, for example.

By the way: the more experience and reference projects you have, the better your chances of getting a well-paid job.

Typical programming skills

The following programming languages ​​are particularly well known and widely used: PHP or Ruby, HTML or Javascript, C ++ or SQL. Of course there are many more. In the area of ​​web design, image editing skills are particularly welcome.

The more programming languages ​​you master, the better your chances of finding a part-time job as a well-paid programmer.

How can i apply?

Almost every industry needs good programmers. On the one hand, you can do your own research to ask various companies whether a part-time programmer can currently be employed, or you can respond to various vacancies. These are also represented in abundance at the moment.

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